Converse Announces Line of LGBT Shoes Featuring An 11-Year-Old In Drag

Converse is releasing a line of their popular Chuck Taylor shoes that focuses on the LGBT community. This is all well and good, but the brand is also promoting the 11-year-old drag queen Desmond Napoles (aka “Desmond is Amazing”) along with it.


The clothing company released a tweet on Wednesday promoting the new line with Desmond at the forefront. The tweet indicated that they’re launching their “Pride Collection” and were partnering with six individuals known for being within the LGBT community.

Following the link to the site, we’re given a slider with each individual picture, how they’re a part of the LGBT community, and a given a quote from them.

Desmond is displayed as a “drag kid” holding a rainbow show with the quote “there is no normal” beneath it.

Desmond has been billed as the future of children in America by LGBT activists. He previously opened up a drag club for kids in New York and made headlines when he danced at a gay bar in New York at 2 a.m. while patrons threw money at him.


While Desmond and those around him try to pass it off as LGBT advocacy, the Desmond is Amazing act has been attempting to normalize the sexualization of children for some time. Desmond is often posing and dancing in ways that grown female models would in order to accentuate certain parts of their body.

Desmond’s parents have been investigated for abuse, but agencies have found nothing to suggest they are actually abusing Desmond.

Converse is the latest brand to engage in a campaign that embraces a social cause. While promoting a line of LGBT clothing is, in itself, not a bad thing, the promotion of Desmond is likely going to stir controversy.


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