WATCH: Teacher Faces Criminal Charges After Caught Kicking 5-Year-Old On Camera

A teacher in the Shawnee Mission School District has been fired and may face criminal charges after she was caught on camera kicking a 5-year-old girl.

According to the Kansas City Star, on Feb 21, the little girl from Bluejacket-Flint Elementary School seemed traumatized and “terrified of going back to that school.” District spokesman David Smith told the Star that the girl’s parents contacted the school that day, and officials checked footage from a surveillance recording and confirmed that the teacher, Crystal Smith, had kicked the little girl.


Smith was terminated from her job as of March 25.

According to the family’s attorney, Dan Zmijewski, school officials are also being held in question as the little girl had reportedly gone to other teachers for help but received none. School officials did not even notify the parents of the incident.

In the video, a little girl is seen hiding in a bookshelf as other students leave the room. Smith can be seen yanking the little girl out of the shelf and leaves for a moment. When she came back, she waited until another teacher’s back was turned before kicking the little girl while she was on the floor.

According to the Star, Zmijewski is now filing a civil suit on behalf of the family. Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said his office is reviewing the criminal case.


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