Petition Demands Brie Larson be Replaced With Gay Woman of Color In "Captain Marvel"

In the realm of social justice, there are no such things as friends. You can be the most stalwart of social justice warriors, but in the end, you’ve only fed the monster that may or may not eat you last.


The star of “Captain Marvel,” Brie Larson, is an actress who has waved the social justice flag in the faces of everyone she could, saying all the necessary things and accomplishing all the necessary tasks to make sure it’s understood that she is the warrior’s warrior. A “captain” if you will.

Larson made it clear throughout the promotion of Captain Marvel that she wanted more people of color to review her films, not white men. She made it clear that she doesn’t care what old white men thought of films because some films weren’t for them. She promoted the idea of more gay superheroes and said the social justice takeover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to happen faster.

And it didn’t save her. The monster has now come to eat her too.

A petition has now surfaced online demanding Larson give up her role as “Captain Marvel,” and allow a queer woman of color to take her place. The petition, created by a person going by “Spike Valentine” says Larson should put her money where her mouth is and discontinue her whitewashing of a black character:

We need Brie Larson to step down from her role to prove she is an ally of social justice and ensure a gay woman of color plays the role. Let Monica, the original female & BLACK Captain Marvel instead of white-washing characters for the benefit of the straight, white men running Disney.

She hasn’t donated money to any charity other than The Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation ( and it’s time for her to show she is not all-talk.


As of this writing, the petition currently has 2,659 supporters of its 3,000 signature goal.

The character being referenced is Monica Rambeau, who took the title of Captain Marvel for a time. In the “Captain Marvel” movie, Rambeau is the child of Danvers fellow fighter pilot. Social justice advocates are reportedly angry over the “racist portrayal” of Rambeau in the film, claiming that she’s only used as a prop to make Danvers seem more legitimate.

YouTuber Eric July made a video describing why the left’s attempts to make Captain Marvel seem inclusive actually ended up being racist due to the fact that black characters who should have been front and center were made into side pieces and props.

So now the ball is in Brie Larson’s court. Does she give up the role to someone higher up on the social justice food chain than her, or does she defy her own principles and stand her ground?

Regardless, the social justice monster is going to have her for lunch.

(h/t: Bounding Into Comics)



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