Brie Larson Wants the Social Justice Takeover of Marvel Movies to "Move Faster"

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Avengers: Endgame actress Brie Larson has become a controversial figure within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for her portrayal of Captain Marvel, not only because her character comes off as boring and unlikable, but because off-screen, Larson engages in social justice politicization of her films.


Now with social justice advocates angry as a result of the controversy surrounding the gay character in a scene within Endgame, gas is on the fire as Larson has injected her two cents on the case of LGBT representation in the MCU.

As I wrote earlier Monday, SJWs are salty over the fact that Endgame featured an LGBT character in a scene who had a handful of lines, and that’s about it. Why they thought they needed more in a movie that is more concerned with superheroes finishing out a decade’s worth of storytelling I’ll leave up to you.

Oddly enough, Larson seemed to be ready to take part in the outrage during an interview with Marc Malkin according to Variety:

Malkin brought up that he never thought he’d see LGBTQ superhero, at least not when he was growing up. “That breaks my heart to hear that, because there’s no reason,” Larson said. “I don’t understand how you could think that a certain type of person isn’t allowed to be a superhero. So to me it’s like, we gotta move faster. But I’m always wanting to move faster with this stuff.”

To be very clear, the people saying that gay people can’t be superheroes are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. There are gay superheroes everywhere in comics and, despite what the outrage brigades may imply, even in movies.


In fact, it’s safe to assume that most people don’t really have a problem with an LGBT character being in a movie at all. In fact, there are films where the gay character is often the best part of a movie. The reason they’re solid parts of a film or show is that they were written in there with a solid purpose that serves the story, and as such was written with care.

Today’s writers don’t seem to care about their characters beyond how they can use them to deliver a political message. The result is usually a boring, shallow, cardboard character that no one likes, is completely unrelatable, and that causes audiences to tune out.

The thing is, the social justice community is only too thrilled to see characters like this because, as I can only guess, they relate to boring, shallow, cardboard characters that no one likes, are completely unrelatable, and cause people to tune out.

Like Brie Larson.

Larson’s desire to move faster on injecting characters for representation purposes isn’t going to help normalize the ideas she wants normalized. Too often these shoehorned in characters that only serve political purposes end up becoming the worst parts of a movie.


Fans are turned off and those who think these characters deserve some kind of high recognition become angry and lash out at the audience. The audience, in turn, rightfully becomes sour right back, further rejects the character, and becomes deaf to the messaging.

Not that it matters. The message isn’t needed. No one cares if there’s an LGBT character in a movie so long as said character serves the plot and is well written.

The key here is that a good story needs to be told, not a piece of propaganda made. Marvel doesn’t need to “move faster” on introducing more LGBT characters, it needs to just make a good story. If the story is served by an LGBT character being present then so be it. If it doesn’t, then you’re just force-feeding us nonsense about LGBT acceptance.

It’s too late. They’re already accepted. Move on…and move faster.


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