Scarlett Johansson Has Had Enough, Declares Democrat Party "Broken"

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“Avengers” actress Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) has been an ardent Democrat for a long time and like any standard Hollywood actor has banged the drum for a lot of issues from a leftist position. However, that didn’t stop the left from lashing out with anger toward her for stupid reasons, and now she’s not looking at it as fondly as she used to.


Johannson came under attack by the left first by playing the lead role in Ghost In the Shell. Social justice advocates accused Johannson of whitewashing a character who is supposed to be Asian. It didn’t help that Johannson pulled a Brie Larson and told those who disagree with her leftist stances that they should just stay home.

They did.

She then accepted a role as a transgender man for a film, and the SJWs once again charged swarmed Johannson for accepting a role that they believe should have belonged to an actual transgendered man.

Now, as 2020 looms, Johansson says she’s being forced to do some “soul searching” as she says that the Democratic Party is “broken in a lot of ways.” She still indicates that she’s a Democrat, but that she doesn’t yet see a leader.

“I think I have to do a little soul searching. I think the Democratic Party is broken in a lot of ways and just damaged from these past several years. For me, if there was one candidate that I felt we could all unite behind, certainly that would be the candidate that I would back,” said Johansson according to Fox News.

When asked about if she’d be supporting former VP Joe Biden, Johansson said simply: “I don’t know.”


Johansson’s hesitation is excusable. The Democratic party certainly is in a state of flux with the acceptance of radicals and radical ideas becoming more mainstream. The social justice philosophies that are slowly coming to dominate the party are the same that put Johansson into the crosshairs for some of her movie decisions.

It might be that Johansson is feeling animosity toward this new kind of Democratic party.

While we might not see Johansson take the red pill and become a conservative or libertarian anytime soon, the fact that the party’s direction has given someone like Johansson, who spoke at the Women’s March and enthusiastically promoted Hillary Clinton, a reason to pause is a notable thing for those paying attention.


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