Former Top Bernie Strategist Has Decided Joe Biden Is the Safe Bet, Joins His Camp

Sen. Bernie Sanders might be one of the big 2020 contenders, but former VP Joe Biden is the only one that has his number. Apparently, one of Sanders’ former big strategists has read the tea leaves and sided with Biden.


In 2016, Democratic strategist and CNN analyst Symone Sanders was one of the movers and shakers of Bernie’s campaign, but after having a lengthy sit down with Biden, Symone was convinced to join his side and subsequently sent out a tweet indicating where she wound up.

“[Joe and Jill Biden] are a class act. Over the course of this campaign, Vice President Biden is going to make his case to the American ppl. He won’t always be perfect, but I believe he will get it right,” tweeted Sanders.

She has also changed her Twitter bio to reflect her new position, calling herself a “senior advisor” within the Biden campaign.

Despite her new position, there seems to be a bit of a divide between she and Biden. According to Mediaite, Sanders has spoken out against Biden in the past, specifically when it came to Biden’s habit of getting into the personal space of women:


While polling data suggests Biden will be one of the most viable Democratic nominees in the primaries, Sanders has called that assumption “overhyped,” even while conceding he would be a “formidable” candidate. Also, Sanders did not approve of how Biden joked off the recent controversies about his questionable physical interactions with multiple women.

It’s true that advisors and strategists jump from candidate to candidate often. However, Sanders doesn’t even seem to be that fond of Biden. This can only mean that he’s either paying her handsomely, or she believes he has the best chance of winning.

Just looking at the positioning here, it may be safe to say that Sanders doesn’t like Bernie’s chances, and is looking to put a presidential win on her record.


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