Uber Sent a Tragic Message When It Fired the Uber Driver Refusing to Participate In Abortion

No one should ever be forced to violate their conscience, and despite the fact that one Uber driver’s decision not to be party to abortion went south, and the media is doing its best to make a story out of it, at no point did this Uber driver do anything wrong.


As posted earlier by Alex Parker, an Uber driver in New York now finds himself permanently banned from being a driver for Uber and may now find himself in court over a lawsuit brought against him all due to refusing to take a woman, going by Montgomery, to her abortion appointment.

Yahoo News has confirmed that Uber has terminated the driver’s contract for violating its rules. Montgomery, however, thinks this isn’t enough of a punishment:

“Sometimes I think of Scott going home to his family and feeling like a hero for what he did. A job driving for Uber is a small price to pay for a misguided attempt at saving a life, right? I imagine his colleagues at his main job (if he has one) patting him on the back, congratulating him for his courageous decision to leave a 20-year-old pregnant girl on the side of the road, alone, in March, with no way back home except with him, in the back of the car he just expelled her from,” she says. “He’ll never understand the ramifications of his actions. He’ll never know the pain he caused. He’ll never pay for what he did in the way that I’ve paid for it, emotionally and psychologically.”

Now, Montgomery had taken to Reddit once again and is now asking for legal advice about how she can sue the Uber driver. Most responses have revolved around being able to recoup any monetary losses, but not much else. Lawsuits around hurt feelings aren’t going to win her much, at least not yet, though she does have a claim that the Uber driver endangered her.


Just get this out of the way first…

Montgomery claims multiple times that she was ejected from the car by the Uber driver. She suggests that the driver abandoned her in the middle of nowhere, but this conflicts with her own statements about the driver offering to take her back, which she refused. According to her the driver also waited some 15 minutes at the location, hoping she would change her mind.

Montgomery has already shot her own case to pieces, but I digress.

It takes a lot to try to talk someone out of having an abortion nowadays, especially with so much propaganda about “choice,” “reproductive justice,” “feminism,” and the haunting narrative that women live with that tells them a baby is one of the worst things that can happen to them.

The Uber driver showed a lot of bravery on two levels. For one, he engaged in a conversation that defied mainstream narratives in order to try to save someone’s life. Not just anyone’s life. The life of an innocent child.

Secondly, the Uber driver did so under full knowledge of what he was doing and how it may mean the termination of his dealings with Uber. Perhaps this man has a full-time job and was using Uber to be able to have a bit of cash on the side. Perhaps his Uber gig was a way to be able to pay the bills and afford to put food on his family’s table. Maybe it’s neither. Either way, this man risked a source of income instead of being a part of the murder of an innocent baby.


Uber doesn’t seem to have any hard and fast rules on why people can be fired. There are stories around drivers simply being deactivated over their Twitter activity.

Technically, the driver in question didn’t violate any rules. Kicking someone out mid-ride is allowed by drivers for reasons ranging from the passenger being a safety hazard to the passenger being a white supremacist or neo-Nazi. Regardless, the Uber driver never kicked Montgomery out of his car and even offered to take her back home. She refused.

Everyone can safely assume that Uber corporate, based in San Francisco, is going to come down hard on anyone who acts against things the left considers holy. The driver’s actions were going to cost him, and he had to have known that risk when he did this.

I can’t help but have immense respect for this man, whoever he is. He exhibited real bravery, and risked a lot to the right thing, especially in this day and age. It’s entirely possible that people are going to try to figure out who this man is and try to make him pay for his transgression in some way, be it legal action or mob action.

It’s sick that regardless of either of these outcomes, Uber has sent a message. If you stick to your pro-life guns, you’re gone. Drivers will now be forced to take women to abortion clinics whether they like it or not upon finding out their passenger’s story or be deactivated. For a company that will allow you to terminate a ride for social reasons, it’s sad that this is not one of the valid ones.


I pray this story ends with this man coming out on top in some way shape or form. He deserves it.



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