Masked Gunman Immediately Regrets Threatening Houston Rapper's Wife, and Then It Gets Worse

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Houston rapper Bun B was forced to defend his home with a firearm against a masked intruder on Tuesday night who attempted to steal his wife’s luxury car.


According to TMZ, the masked assailant, later identified as Demonte Jackson, attempted to force Bun B’s wife to give up valuables at gunpoint. However, the intruder didn’t count on Bun B popping up with his own weapon, and soon found himself in a firefight:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ around 5:45 last night, there was a knock at Bun B’s door … his wife, Queenie, opened it — thinking it was a possible delivery — to find a masked man holding a gun on the other side. The intruder demanded valuables, and Queenie offered up her Audi in the garage.

Bun B heard the commotion from upstairs, grabbed his gun, and confronted the intruder as he was getting into the Audi. A shootout between the two ensued, and the intruder ran away … leaving his gun behind.

Jackson was wounded during the exchange in the shoulder and made his way to the hospital. It was there that his wound was treated, but police soon showed up and arrested Jackson for 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.


The lesson here is that once again we see that a good guy with a gun can prevent a criminal from getting his way. It’s lucky that the intruder wanting nothing more than valuables and that Bun B was armed. If he hadn’t been, then Jackson would have gotten away, possibly to rob more people, or worse later on.

Thanks to Bun B, that’s one more criminal off the streets. Never underestimate the good guy with a gun.


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