BREAKING: Driver Exhibiting Odd Behavior Slams Into Eight People, FBI Now Investigating

Screenshot: ABC News

A motor disaster happened in Sunnyvale, California, on Tuesday evening when a driver struck eight cyclists after speeding through an intersection. Police speculate that the driver did so intentionally.


According to CBS News, Sunnyvale DPS Captain Jim Choi said the car ran through an intersection and smashed into the eight cyclists who varied in age range, but the youngest was only thirteen-years-old. It finally came to a stop when it plowed into a tree. Witnesses say the car never attempted to veer out of the way or stop.

Choi said authorities are not releasing the name of the driver at this time, and are still investigating the driver’s motives.

“It looks like this may have been an intentional act by the driver, based upon what’s on scene and also some statements of pain,” Choi said. “We are conducting that investigation. We don’t know what the motives were.

Interestingly, the FBI has now gotten involved in the case as well. Sunnyvale authorities notified Federal authorities in order to make sure they’re “looking at all the possible motives and angles.”


According to Seattle Pi, witnesses say that the man was not slurring his speech, but did exhibit odd behavior such as lying face down in the grass and repeatedly saying “thank you, Jesus”:

Don Draper, of San Jose, says he was enraged after seeing the Toyota Corolla slam into pedestrians at high speed, then crash into a tree. He says he marched up to the car ready to confront the driver.

Draper says the driver was crouched over the steering wheel, unhurt. The car was hissing steam and the airbag had deployed.

Draper said the driver’s speech was not slurred and he did not look at him.

Later, he saw the driver had climbed out of his car and was lying face down on the grass outside.


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