Ocasio-Cortez Only Seems to Care About Christianity When It's Useful to Her

The left was tripping over itself trying to get their soapboxes set up after the Christchurch shooting to tell you exactly who the victims were, who the bad guys are, how laws they like would have allegedly stopped it, and how they feel about the entire thing.


However, upon hearing of the Sri Lanka bombing all you would have known if you paid attention to nothing but them is that some “Easter worshipers” died on Sunday in a country far away from ours and that they’re “sad” about it.

Then there were those who didn’t bother to say anything at all. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez falls into this category. As the Daily Wire pointed out earlier, the democratic socialist hasn’t uttered a peep about the Sri Lanka bombing.

It’s easy to understand why. The victims of the Sri Lanka bombing don’t fall in with any of her protected groups, and the attackers do. Furthermore, AOC isn’t shy about casting aspersions on people she doesn’t like. In this case, what better way to show your disdain for Christians than by not saying anything at all, and acting as if this isn’t even worth the time to ruminate over.

I’d like to tell you that me saying that AOC not liking Christians is hyperbole, but we can take a look back at her actions and come to a very clear conclusion.

For one, Ocasio-Cortez enjoys bringing up Christ, but only if she can use him to advance her political talking points. Last Christmas, she attempted to compare the story of Jesus to those attempting to migrate here illegally, going so far as to paint a family crossing the border in the same way the Holy family went to Egypt to escape Herod. As I pointed out, this is historically and logically inaccurate. Moreover, it’s entirely disrespectful.


Anytime anyone — be they right or left — attempt to bend Christ to fit their political narrative, it really shows us just how much they care about Him. People make mistakes or misinterpret things from scripture a lot, and we even learn new things about it all the time through study. However, altering the stories to make it seem like Christians should fall in line with your political talking points under full knowledge that you’re doing so sends signals about your stance about Christ and Christianity.

But that’s not all she did.

Ocasio-Cortez also cast shade on the idea of thoughts and prayers after the Christchurch shooting, tweeting: “What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?”

Prayers are the primary way we humans communicate with the all-powerful God who created us, and telling us they do absolutely no good will cause people to think that one doesn’t have faith that they do make a difference. For a Christian, they absolutely do without a doubt. Yet Ocasio-Cortez seems to be of the mind that they don’t.

Things get a bit shadier when pictures like this one from Ash Wednesday pop up, where you can clearly see AOC sporting an ashen cross on her head.


This is nothing short of a profession of being a believer, yet a believer doesn’t believe prayer helps? Prayer is a cornerstone of faith, and yet AOC seems to want to toss it while wearing that cross on her forehead.

Considering all of this, you might start asking who she’s trying to fool.

Let’s add to the fact that her silence on Sri Lanka compared to the numerous tweets she sent surrounding the Christchurch massacre really puts some things in perspective in regards to what she really cares about. At this point, it looks like she cares a lot about looking good for her voters more than being concerned about the well-being and faith she claimed she had on Ash Wednesday.

If you ask me, someone isn’t a big fan of Christianity…at least until it presents the opportunity to become useful.


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