WATCH: SJWs Try to Shame Officers During Traffic Stop, and Get Gloriously Shut Down

A police officer in Arizona and his fellow officers were carrying out an arrest during a traffic stop when some social justice warriors claiming to be journalists approached and began to attempt to interfere with police business. The officer, however, wasn’t having it and let them know how dumb they were.


The officer identified himself as Sgt. Dave Ernst of the State Gang Task Force, and made it clear that he has no tolerance for people attempting to insert themselves into matters of law enforcement. As the video begins, the girl filming is saying that she’s not willing to disclose information, presumably about her identity.

Not waiting for her to do so, Ernst laid it out straight for her.

“You can stand back and record as much as you want to,” said Ernst, “but if you interfere with a traffic stop again, I’m going to arrest you for interfering. Do you understand that?”

“Don’t ever interfere when one of my guys is on a traffic stop,” he continued, adding “this is your last warning. If you ever walk up on one of my guys during a traffic stop I will place you under arrest.”

After the girl acknowledged him, Ernst told the girl she was free to go, but apparently, the SJWs had other ideas. The girl asked if she was being detained, and another officer reminded her that she was never being detained. Upon asking if the man being arrested was being detained Ernst reminded her it was none of her business.


“I think it is my business,” said the girl.

“How is it your business?” asked Ernst, who began approaching the girl again.

“Because I’m a human being and I-” began the girl, but she was quickly cut off by Ernst.

“You have no interest in that traffic stop whatsoever,” said Ernst.  “It’s none of your business-”

The girl suddenly accused the police of racial profiling, which Ersnt wasn’t taking lying down.

“Oh shut up with that crap,” said Ernst.

The social justice warriors attempted to tell Ernst that they’re just doing this because the person they were arresting was brown.

“Wow, you are about as ignorant as I’ve ever met. Oh my God, go do something else. Go have fun. It’s Friday night, man. Don’t be such an idiot,” said Ernst.

As he walked away to his unit, Ersnt encouraged them to try to make this clip an internet sensation.

“Put that on your website,” he said.


The clip was originally uploaded to the Facebook page “Stand Up Against Hate and Fascism” where the uploader wrote “F**k the police. That is all that really needs to be said.”

If the Facebook page thought they were exposing cruelty by the police, the effect was the exact opposite. Many of the comments left on the page are celebrating the officer and his handling of the situation. Meanwhile, many of the commenters seem to be laughing at and putting down the owners of the Facebook page itself.


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