Sri Lanka Attack Suspect: “Anyone Who Disagrees With Muslims Should be Killed”

Screenshot: Twitter Video

One of the alleged suicide bombers of the Sri Lanka attack that killed 290 people and injured many more left a video easily viewed on the internet, where he explained that anyone who disagrees with Muslims should be killed.


Unconfirmed reports put Mohammed Zahran, the leader of National Thowheed Jamath at the church where the Easter Sunday bombing took place. A video posted by Imam Mohamad Tawhidi where Zahran is explaining that “Anyone who disagrees with Muslims should be killed.”

“We spend hours exposing extremists every day. This video & its background went unnoticed due to language barriers. If he was exposed & brought to the attention of the authorities, he could’ve been stopped,” tweeted Tawhidi

As Elizabeth Vaughn covered earlier, Sri Lanka officials had been sitting on this information, as well as the potential plan of attack by radical Muslim organization for some time. However, no action was taken.

Why no action was taken remains to be explained.




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