"Avengers" Star Jeremy Renner Subtly Stomps Feminist Activist Co-Star Brie Larson During Interview

(Screenshot: YouTube)

When rumors began circulating that the Avengers cast wasn’t too happy with new co-star Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), many were perfectly ready to believe it given Larson’s penchant for saying and doing things that rub people the wrong way.


Now, with Larson and the Avengers crew making the rounds on their press tour, notable moments that may confirm the rumor continue to happen. First, there were the interviews that she did with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) where Larson proceeded to take simple comments as an attack or would say things that indicated there was a slight animosity between her and Hemsworth.

Now we see the shoe on the other foot in another Larson interview, this time alongside “Avengers: End Game” co-star Jeremey Renner (Hawkeye).

During an interview with New Delhi Television Limited, Renner and Larson can be seen sitting together. Larson speaks about how her platform is a responsibility for both self-improvement and doing what good she can, as well as making mistakes and learning from them.

Larson previously called using her acting stage as a form of “activism,” including casting shade at white men and demanding other races and sexes review her movie in the name of diversity and inclusion.

As Larson spoke, Renner’s body language gave off the idea that he was disengaged, and not at all wanting to be there, as he was looking and leaning away from Larson. After Larson was done speaking, Renner essentially threw shade at his co-star, who had made her activism a very public affair for her movie Captain Marvel.

“I’m pretty accountable and responsible for my own life at any rate,” began Renner. “Celebrity is not something I use as any sort of platform to be more responsible or more accountable, I suppose.”


Renner then went into how he was grateful for what he was given.

“But it’s certainly an absolute blessing to the see the joy on kids faces,” said Renner. “I don’t think there’s a feeling that comes close to that.”

The NDTV YouTube channel has disabled comments for the video, likely as a result of people commenting about Renner essentially insulting Larson during the interview.

If Renner was mistaken in his comments or unintentional in his insult, he has not clarified on social media or otherwise what was intended despite the circulation of the controversy. The same can be said for Hemsworth, who has not acknowledged the controversy, nor responded to Larson attempting to tweet to him.

Previous rumors hinted that veteran Avengers star Elizabeth Olson is also displeased with Larson, though nothing has come of that.

Larson’s social justice warrior-like behavior has put her on the bad side of many Marvel fans, who found her comments about not caring what white men think offputting. Now with reports that Larson is difficult to work with circulating, and these various instances of other cast members throwing shade at her, it would appear Larson’s presence within the MCU may result in a dark time.


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