Report: CAIR Official Said He Wished Hitler Was Still Around to Murder Jewish People

Egyptian women wearing "Niqab" line up outside a polling station to vote in the second round of a referendum on a disputed constitution drafted by Islamist supporters of President Mohammed Morsi in Giza, Egypt, Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the organization that recently hosted Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) as their keynote speaker, contains leadership that had reportedly expressed vile wishes in the past that include the desire that Hitler was still alive and murdering Jewish people.


According to a discovery by Alpha News, in 2008 the Government Affairs Coordinator of Minnesota’s CAIR chapter, Abubakar Osman, posted his desire for the German dictator who tortured and murdered millions of Jewish people to still be alive to increase the number past 6 million.

“i wish hitler was alive to f*** up the jewish ppl and add more jewish causalities to the 6 million he killed in the holocaust…,” wrote Osman.

The post itself has been deleted, and only screenshots of it remain. It cannot be wholly confirmed whether or not Osman posted this. However, Osman has expressed antisemitic views quite recently.

Regardless, it would appear that Osman and those he surrounds himself with still continue to have a very antisemitic viewpoint.

As highlighted by Islamist watch, other members of the Minnesota CAIR branch express antisemitic views openly, including their avid support of Omar who has consistently found herself in hot water after expressing antisemitic views:

Other CAIR Minnesota officials include board member Abdul Basit, who has claimed that those who “plot” against Bernie Sanders do so because they are Jewish.

Few readers will not have read last month about the furor over Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s comments about pro-Israel groups and their purported power over American politics. Many considered her remarks anti-Semitic. Rather unsurprisingly, CAIR Minnesota, the Muslim American Society and their anti-Jewish officials are devoted supporters of the Congresswoman.


This antisemitism appears to have worked its way well into Minnesota politics according to Alpha News, as the Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS) leader Asad Zaman also has close ties with various Minnesota politicians, including Omar. This leader has expressed highly antisemitic views, including apologies for terrorists and the spread of antisemitic conspiracy theories:

The MAS Minnesota branch is led by a man named Asad Zaman. Zaman has made it clear through numerous Facebook posts that he holds anti-Semitic attitudes. He has openly expressed apologies for Hamas and supported war criminals as well. Some of the links he has shared on Facebook lead to holocaust denial websites, and anti-Semitic conspircy theory sites that claim that “U.S. foreign policy is determined by Israel.”

Zaman met with Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in early during the National Muslim Advocacy Day organzied by the United States Coalition of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). Zaman’s group, MAS, is apart of the council of the USCMO.

Later, on Apr 3, Zaman delivered the Invocation at the State of the State address delivered by Governor Tim Walz. “These three faith leaders understand the meaning of One Minnesota—and they are practicing what they preach,” said Walz, but it’s clear that based on



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