Michael Moore Desperately Grasps at Approval from AOC with Ridiculous Tweet

That there is a serious chill between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t a secret. In fact, it’s hard not to notice it as Pelosi takes a pot shot at AOC at almost every opportunity.


This is either a way of Pelosi reminding AOC about who and where she is, or its a bitter Pelosi lashing out as she feels her grip slipping off the reigns of the Democratic party. Regardless, the Democrats are divided into camps over it with the radicals vs the slightly less radical parts of the party going head to head.

As you may have guessed, radical leftist documentarian Michael Moore is prostrating himself (if he’s physically capable of such a thing) before AOC’s rebel throne.

Reacting to a 60 Minutes clip where Pelosi once again casts shade at AOC, Moore offered that Pelosi is just salty because she doesn’t want to give up power to anyone with darker skin color than her.

“White people,” tweeted Moore. “Nobody likes giving up power. And they never see the writing on the wall. The new day arrives and no one has the heart to tell them they and their old tired privileged ways are over.”

As Emily Zanotti of the Daily Wire pointed out, this could be Moore desperately searching for relevancy from a section of the Democrats who he sees growing larger and larger in power every day:

Michael Moore really isn’t as powerful a voice for progressivism as he once was. His most recent movie, “Fahrenheit 11/9,” about Donald Trump’s election, was a failure at the box office and hasn’t picked up now that it’s out on DVD. His one man Broadway show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” closed to little fanfare after its initial run, when the liberal mainstay had trouble filling theater seats.


Tack on to the fact that Moore is the exact opposite of everything he claims to be and you can see why he wishes so badly to fit in with the AOC crowd. Both he and the freshman Democrat aren’t anything they say they are and are often times the exact opposite.

AOC likes to pretend she’s a poor girl from the Bronx when really she was raised in a wealthy neighborhood and went to good schools. Moore likes to pretend he’s one with the working man and a socialist man of the people. In truth, he’s a capitalistic multimillionaire who fights hard against allowing those who work for him to unionize, and mistreats his workers to boot.

Moore’s best days are behind him and he wants so desperately to ride the coattails of someone who he feels is going to be the next leader of the Democrats, if not the de facto current.

Why else would Moore, an old white man, lash out against those just like him? What we’re truly witnessing is Moore’s “hello fellow kids” moment.


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