A "Queer Feminist Activist" Is Bleeding on Men's Restroom Floors to Fight Misogyny

Feminist/LGBT activist Ericka Hart has apparently come up with a brilliant idea to remind those dastardly men that anyone can get their period, and it involves going into the toilet stall of a men’s restroom and leaving a drop of blood on the floor.


Hart, an adjunct at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, posted the photo to Twitter, adding that she “left a present in the men’s bathroom as a reminder that any gender can get their period and use whatever bathroom they want!”

While Hart seemed mighty proud of the plan, many on the internet immediately jumped on the stunt, reminding Hart that doing so only makes more work for low wage custodial staff. This was not just undertaken by those on the right, either. Black women who believe in feminism and social justice causes also called the stunt out as wrong and disgusting.



Sadly, Hart didn’t seem to get the point, and only attempted to make it seem as if the problem wasn’t with what she did, but how everyone is lying about how outraged they are, blaming the reaction on “white supremacy” and sexism.



This isn’t the first time feminists have left bodily fluids lying around in protest against “the patriarchy” or “misogyny.”

During the high-profile abortion debate in Texas, feminist protesters were forced to hand over tampons as well as containers of urine and feces before they entered the capitol. In 2018, feminists threw urine and feces at pro-life demonstrators.

Why some feminist activists feel that flinging bodily fluids at people or leaving them behind for others to clean up, is somehow going to change the social landscape, I’m not sure. It’s the same confusion I get when people believe that protesting naked will somehow change people’s minds about whatever it is they’re getting naked for.

Tossing around bodily fluids is the intellectual territory of animals, but this seems to be the kind of intelligence social justice activism encourages.


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