Teen Vogue Spikes Editorial Because Author Wouldn't Blame School Shootings On "Toxic Masculinity"

Teen Vogue reportedly spiked an article penned by Professor and Director of the IR Laboratory at Villanova University Patrick Markey who was writing on the lack of any links between video game playing and school shootings.


Markey was invited to write an article for Teen Vogue detailing the lack of connection between video games and mass shootings. The professor was using data he had gathered that pointed to a few constants within those that commit shootings such as education and poverty levels, but the editors at Teen Vogue wanted him to include other factors such as “toxic masculinity” and “misogyny.”

Markey refused to include “toxic masculinity” as a point of blame simply because there is no scientific data to support it. As a result, the editor spiked his article.



Markey then posted screenshots on Twitter showing exactly where the Teen Vogue editors wished to insert the feminist catchphrases into the article.

For those unclear as to what “toxic masculinity” is, it’s a made up term by social justice advocates and feminists that paints the very nature of men, both the noble parts and the sinister, as something detrimental to society. You’ve seen the concept become far more popular as time has gone on, with it being blamed for such things as the consistently disproven “wage gap.”

During the last Super Bowl, Gillette made a commercial that essentially made out many of the things men do, even the harmless things they do naturally, out to be negative. The idea has spread so far that some men even believe they are harmful by their very nature, and have begun acting more like women, with men forming cuddle groups to fight their toxic masculinity.


It’s no surprise that Teen Vogue is also injecting this social justice verbiage into the mainstream. This is the same magazine that has also declared that there are no sexes, and even allowed Hillary Clinton to guest edit an issue.

I want to be very clear here.

Teen Vogue wanted to push junk science on its readers and tossed an article out by a professor because he wouldn’t put blame mass shootings on unproven concepts. A concept, mind you, that essentially forces the public to look at the natural aspects of men as a mental illness.


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