SURPRISE! The UK's "Knife Surrender Bin" Ends With Criminals With More Knives

A Palestinian demonstrator has a knife in his belt and rocks in his hand during clashes with Israeli troops, near Ramallah, West Bank, Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)


The United Kingdom is handling their knife problem about as well as expected given they seem to consistently misplace their faith in criminals and they’re more apt to punish random people for tweets than actual crimes.


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The English love to brag that their gun ban has done a lot to curb gun crime, but according to Metro, their knife crime has spiked some 52 percent. As a result, UK authorities came up with the idea to install bins around the nation where citizens can dump their knives.

The criminals, naturally, found this to be a highly convenient way of obtaining more weapons, according to Metro:

But a day later the bin in Weston-super-Mare was broken into and the knives were taken.

PC Jon Biggins said: ‘On the evening of March 13, the knife surrender bin in Weston was broken into by a number of people.

‘The contents were recovered a short distance away, and the whole incident was caught on CCTV.

‘We are in the process of identifying those responsible in order to bring about a prosecution.’

Metro reported that over 1,000 knives have been collected from the bins, and while they may be willing to call the bins a success despite one of the bins further arming criminals, common sense would call it a net negative.


The public may find it a noble thing to give up their knives in the wake of so much knife crime, but logically, the good guys are just further giving up their next best means of protection from those who have no intention of disarming. The criminals aren’t the ones throwing things into the bin, the good guys are.

I expect the knife crime to only get worse as time goes on, and criminals find that more and more UK citizens are easy, unarmed targets.



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