Karma Comes At Crazed Anti-Trump Woman Fast After She Harassed An Old Man

Where a MAGA hat on your head for long enough and eventually someone will confront you. While many times it will just be verbal vomit, occasionally someone will go further and utilize threats, intimidation, and physical violence.


According to a Twitter user named Amy, a crazed anti-Trump woman in Palo Alto, California, with a mohawk attempted to put a man in danger, causing a massive scene and threatening him, all because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

According to a Facebook post by Parker Mankey, she called the entire Starbucks to focus on him and began preaching about, of all things, intolerance. She then yelled at him some more before going to pick up her food. Upon discovering she had not scared him off, she demanded he call the police as a way to get his name and address, as well as the names of his wife and kid’s school.

Mankey bragged that she called him more names before demanding someone else call the police before the man finally decided to leave. She followed him out screaming demands about leaving “my town and never coming back.”

Mankey lamented that she was the only person in the Starbucks yelling at the man, and that every white person has a duty to do what she did.

Others caught wind of the post, and soon Mankey went from being the hunter to the hunted. Upon being confronted, Mankey said that she is going to see to it that this man can’t go out in public, and that she would show up at his house with picket signs telling everyone he’s racist, as well as organize protests where he works.



Soon, people were tracking down where Mankey works and found that she was an accountant at a music store called Gryphon Strings. The store was soon notified of the incident, and the music store promptly fired Mankey.

Sometimes Karma can come at you fast, and thankfully for those who go so far as to intimidate or even assault those wearing MAGA hats, karma quickly finds them.

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