WATCH: Some Students Aren't At All Pleased With the Results of the Mueller Report

Screenshot: YouTube

Rachel Maddow isn’t the only one crying over the fact that Donald Trump isn’t the treasonous hack the left has been insinuating he was for some time now.


Thanks to right-leaning YouTuber “Fleccas Talks,” we can peer into what students at Universities have been thinking about the conclusion of the Mueller report, and it’s a mixed bag to say the least. The creator of the channel, Fleccas, is known for heading into things such as college protests and rallies in order to talk to students.

This time, Fleccas journeyed down to the University of Southern California to ask those who were willing to speak with him how they felt about the President not having colluded with the Russians to undermine our Democracy.

One girl admitted to not understanding much about what was going on, but noted that the findings were not good for the country. When asked if she was at least relieved that Trump wasn’t trying to ruin our Democracy by working with the Russians, the girl simply said “f*ck the president,” and walked away.


Another man seemed to be obstinant in believing that Trump wouldn’t do everything that he’s been accused of.

Interestingly, most students seemed to be 100 percent good with the fact that the Mueller report produced findings that all was quiet on the western front. Some students even agreed that the media should be held responsible for the great political divide.

This is surprising, especially in southern California, but as one conservative student told Fleccas, it’s much safer to keep quiet about your moderate or right-leaning sensibilities in this area.


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