YouTuber Who Outwitted Comedy Central Now Banned from Facebook

As I’ve previously covered, YouTuber and right-leaning Australian political activist Avi Yemini was asked to appear on The Jim Jefferies Show with host Jim Jefferies after the New Zealand shooting. Yemini knew that Comedy Central would attempt to misrepresent his right-leaning positions by deceptively editing his answers and attaching him to anti-Muslim and white supremacist groups, so he secretly filmed the interview between he and Jefferies.


Sure enough, Comedy Central attempted to make Yemini look like some kind of bigoted racist, but all that collapsed when Yemini slow-leaked the uncut interview on his YouTube page, which featured not only the true interview, but exposed Jefferies as a rabid anti-Muslim himself. The resulting pushback forced Jefferies to forbid comments on his Instagram page.

Yemini now reports that he has been banned from Facebook under the excuse that he was promoting hate speech, despite the fact that he himself said nothing hateful, and the only hate displayed from his video came from Jefferies.

Yemini took to YouTube to update his followers about what Facebook had done to him.

“You tell me,” said Yemini. “What’s my hate speech? Is my hate speech that I hate the fact that fake news is lying to the world? Is it because I hate Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central lying about me? What is the hate speech that I bring?”

Yemini noted that this isn’t the first time he was banned by Facebook, but this time it wasn’t due to his speaking out about radical Islam. This time he was banned because he was literally defending himself from Comedy Central linking him to radical white supremacists by exposing Jim Jefferies as the very thing leftists hate.


“Hate speech has now become defending yourself from defamation from the mainstream media,” said Yemini.

This is one more drop in the bucket of leftist social media networks banning or suspending users due to their right-leaning opinions. The bias expressed by social media networks has been on display quite blatantly. This was pointed out to Twitter executives recently by Tim Pool on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, who in turn had little response in their defense.

I myself have noted the bias in responses toward attacks on those who lean to the right vs those who lean to the left. Twitter is quick to move on those on the right, but when it comes to death threats towards people like Meghan McCain or Dana Loesch’s children, very little is done.



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