WATCH: CNN Finds Ocasio-Cortez Is Driving Voters Out of the Democratic Party

With 2020 looming just over the horizon, Democrats should be doing everything they can to present a united front against President Donald Trump’s increasingly unified Republican party and excellent election forecasts. Instead, Democrats are busy having a quiet civil war between the moderates and the new wave of radicalism infecting the party, and voters aren’t pleased with it at all.


CNN decided to interview some Democratic voters and found that one figure, in particular, is driving voters away from the Democratic party, and it’s none other than New York’s freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Heading to Lucerne County in Pennsylvania, a county that voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, reporter Jason Carroll spoke to Eileen and Richard Sorokas who told CNN that the party has become too radicalized.

“The Sorokas say they identify as moderate who have no regrets leaving the Democratic Party, and for now no desire to go back, because they say they have real issues with its emerging leaders, namely New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC for short,” said Carroll in a voiceover.

“I think she’s too bizarre,” said Eileen.

“I think she’s more ridiculous and be more realistic, you know? We are people, we live on this planet, we want to survive,” she added.

“They want to get all these environment projects done in ten years and it’s impossible,” said Richard. “You lose jobs and lose wages.”

Carroll also interviewed Paul Visoky, who commented that Democrats are becoming too socialistic.

“They’re more liberal. They’re attempting to be socialists,” said Visoky.


Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t been fairing too well in the polls lately thanks to a number of incidents that put a dark cloud over her reputation. New Yorkers actually see her as a villain for her part in Amazon pulling out of the deal with New York.

Her reputation has dropped so much that even Trump is considered more well-liked than her. In fact, thanks to Trump’s success with the economy, economists say his path to 2020 victory is all but secured. Ocasio-Cortez, however, says that this negative view of her is a result of America giving into racism and bigotry.

Despite her failing poll numbers, 2020 Democrats feel the need to emulate her in many ways thanks to her rising popularity within the Democratic party. In fact, some feel pressured to support radical ideas like the Green New Deal in order to stay relevant and stave off the mob.

And there’s little wonder why. Ocasio-Cortez has actually threatened moderate Democrats with mob action if they don’t fall in line.

(h/t: Daily Wire)



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