YouTuber Outwits Comedy Central, Exposes Leftist Host As Massive Hypocrite In Interview

Screenshot: YouTube

Comedy Central isn’t exactly known for being fair to the guests they interview during the comedic “news” shows, and leftist comedian Jim Jefferies is no different on his program, The Jim Jefferies Show. 


That’s why when the Christchurch shooting happened in New Zealand, Jefferies set out to ride the wive of anti-right sentiment by putting people on his show that were supposedly extremists, anti-Islam, and more. With that, he invited right-leaning Jewish activist and YouTube personality Avi Yemini to come on the show and discuss the subject.

But Yemini isn’t stupid and knew exactly what was going to happen. Jefferies would ask questions, allow Yemini to answer them, then select various clips and phrases to make it seem like Yemini was another anti-Islam, right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Yemini agreed to be on the program regardless, stating that he would only do so under a few conditions. One, that they didn’t put his interview side by side with any Neo-Nazi figures so as not to look aligned with them, or give them any legitimacy. Secondly, they don’t misrepresent him through creatively clipping his answers.

As Yemini soon shows you, Comedy Central did exactly that.

Here’s the original segment aired on Comedy Central.

As you can see, Yemini looks pretty awful.

Posting a video to YouTube, Yemini reveals that he set his phone down secretly and began recording the interview, knowing that he would be made out to look like a horrible person.

What he also caught on footage, however, was Jefferies doing and saying things that degraded Islam that the left would be horrified by, especially in the wake of the Christchurch shooting.


Jefferies draws the prophet, Muhammad, before calling Islam dangerous. He also said wearing a burka is stupid, and compared Islam to a dingo. Then proceeded to say that if a dingo ate a Muslim baby it would likely vomit it up.

Jefferies wasn’t worried about saying any of these things, as he openly admitted that he never looks bad in his interviews.

Thanks to Yemini, that’s now a little less than true, as you’ll see in the video below.

Yemini said that he would be releasing more and more clips of his interview with Jefferies as time goes on. While he hasn’t posted anymore clips yet, he has updated the situation by pointing out that Jefferies has turned the comments on on his Instagram page.

Yemini points out that Jefferies’ own fans are angry with him over his comments during the leaked interview.

“Jim, this is going to go away if you try to silence the people,” said Yemini, who urged Jefferies to speak out and apologize.

Yemini urged Comedy Central to let him go if he doesn’t, adding that if Jefferies were a conservative this would have all been over for the comedian by now.



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