Kim Tests Trump: North Korea Threatens Nuclear Tests Will Resume Unless US Makes Concessions

Despite the good faith given to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by President Donald Trump, the communist hermit state says it will suspend talks with the United States if it doesn’t make concessions.


According to Reuters, a senior diplomat said that North Korea is rethinking its freeze on nuclear weapons after talks in Hanoi between Trump and Kim broke down. North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui indicated North Korea has no intention of yielding anything:

“We have no intention to yield to the U.S. demands (at the Hanoi summit) in any form, nor are we willing to engage in negotiations of this kind,” TASS quoted Choe as telling reporters in the North Korean capital.

The second Trump-Kim summit broke down over differences about U.S. demands for Pyongyang to denuclearize and North Korea’s demand for dramatic relief from international sanctions imposed for its nuclear and missile tests, which it pursued for years in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Choe said Pompeo and U.S. national security adviser John Bolton “created the atmosphere of hostility and mistrust and, therefore, obstructed the constructive effort for negotiations between the supreme leaders of North Korea and the United States”, TASS reported.

“I want to make it clear that the gangster-like stand of the U.S. will eventually put the situation in danger,” said Choe according to the Associated Press.

It wasn’t all bad, however. Choe added that “personal relations between the two supreme leaders are still good and the chemistry is mysteriously wonderful.”


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave no sign that the United States is willing to relax its stance on North Korea’s nuclear missile program, and noted that this isn’t the first time North Korea accused the United States of being “gangster-like.”

“I have every expectation we will be able to continue to do that,” he said.

“It’s the administration’s desire that we continue to have conversations around this,” Pompeo said of the nuclear talks. “As the president said when he was in Hanoi, the offer that they made simply didn’t rise to the level that was acceptable, given what they were asking for in exchange.”

The question is now whether or not North Korean leadership can hold out under the international pressure being put upon them. Launching another rocket would only anger the United States into putting even more sanctions on the country, further putting it in dire.

North Korea is used to getting its way after walking away from the table like this, but with Trump and the United States unwilling to budge, this is likely only to be a waiting game.


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