It's Hard for Me to Take the Left's Outrage Around Tucker Carlson Seriously

In the past few days, I’ve watched as the left clutched their pearls and did all they could not to faint over Tucker Carlson’s appearances on a shock jock radio show where he made jokes and said things you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on programs like it.


While I’m not saying some of the things he said were okay, I don’t believe that the level of the left’s outrage should nearly be equal to the things Carlson said, especially considering that the people who are most offended by it come from the place where some of this stuff doesn’t seem to bother them when the person saying or doing it is one of them.

As Bonchie noted earlier, Media Matters’ President Angelo Carusone has had old blogs of his unearthed where he used racist, transphobic, and antisemitic language. While this should be enough to make people leave Carlson alone, it’s weirdly not, and the crusade against the Fox News host continues.

But it’s not just this hypocrisy that’s grabbed my attention.

For instance, every other day a headline will break about female teachers sleeping with an underage student to little or no outrage from the mainstream left. This occurrence isn’t even occasional. In fact, back in 2009, TIME Magazine labeled it an “epidemic” in Florida alone.

The silence from the left on the subject is deafening. Two offenders, in this case, find themselves in two protected groups: women and teachers. In that light, it’s interesting to me that only when Carlson made light of it did the left seem to go into conniptions. They were happy to shrug at it until Carlson did too. Oddly enough, we’re still not seeing a national mainstream movement to get these female teachers to stop sleeping with underage students.


What’s more, the left is currently unerringly guilty of forcing sexuality on underage kids with all the force of a national movement. If it’s not leftist outlets like Salon attempting to normalize pedophilia, it’s activist groups attempting to force gender dysphoria on kids, whether they want to be trans or not.

Even when it came to sleeping with underage sex workers like Robert Menendez allegedly did, Democratic politicians still didn’t think he should step down from office, even if found guilty.

It’s also difficult for me to take the left’s outrage about Carlson’s comments about on sexual assault seriously when the pushers of the “#MeToo” movement suddenly stop being so concerned when it’s their own. You’d have been forgiven if you never heard a peep about the allegations leveled by several women about former DNC Keith Ellison. The mainstream media didn’t seem to care much about it since it was too busy laying ludicrous charges at the feet of then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Nevermind the fact that the left was completely content to brush the Bill Clinton scandals under the rug until it was finally safe to confront him, and even then, it was a lukewarm assault against his character.

The left also seems wholly outraged about how Carlson referred to some women, calling Hillary Clinton “anti-penis,” and other celebrities “whores.”

The outrage here is even ridiculous as the left has made it a game to treat right-leaning and Republican women with all the respect due to a dried pile of manure.


Few people seem to remember Larry Flint photoshopping a penis into S.E. Cupp’s mouth over her abortion positions. The attacks on Sarah Palin were too numerous to count, and some of them were sexual by nature. On top of that there have been sexually based attacks on Michelle Malkin, and for a while, there was an attempt to make a risque photo of a model out to be Dana Loesch.

While all this was going on, the left was either silent or encouraging this behavior.

The lack of outrage from the left when the left does it is hard not to notice, and the left does shocking and heinous things at a far greater rate than the right does. The Alinskyite tactic of the left making their opponents live up to their impossible standards is in full effect as they lash out at Carlson, and as I wrote on Monday, Carlson not apologizing was the best move he could have made.

If the left is truly aghast at Carlson’s behavior, then it should definitely take the plank out of its own eye before losing it over the splinter in Carlson’s.


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