Chris Cuomo Calls Tucker Carlson a Coward, but He and the Left Have NO Room to Talk

Fox New’s Tucker Carlson has been in some hot water ever since his words on a shock jock radio show surfaced thanks to a character assassination hit by Media Matters.


As is proper, Carlson refused to apologize, and as I wrote on Monday, this is the correct course of action. Bullies have zero intention of being kind and forgiving when you show you’re willing to back down from them. It’s only an invitation for them to beat you up more.

However, CNN’s Chris Cuomo believes that Carlson’s resistance to the bullying of the mob is cowardice, stating on his show Monday that since Carlson didn’t read any of his comments from his radio spot from years ago that he’s trying to hide what he said according to The Hill:

“Would he say the same things today? No, no, he’s too busy playing the victim. He’d only say that he was ‘naughty.’ ” Cuomo said on his prime-time show.

“Come on, big man. Read the list of all the things that you said and do it again and show that you mean it. He says apologizing to the mob costs people their jobs,” Cuomo added.

“What a coward. Why don’t you repeat what you said if it’s not such a big deal?”

Cuomo said that Carlson should apologize but that it would take “character” to do so.

“Apologize if you want, but that takes character. That is strength, that is integrity. Own that you did something wrong,” he said.

“People who just say ugly things to get attention, and jump up and down on the fault lines in our society, you don’t have any of these virtues.”


Cuomo is merely trying to bait Carlson into a trap where the mob can take him and anyone associated with him. Wisely, Carlson isn’t buying it and continues to defend himself as my colleague Jennifer Van Laar highlighted.

Cuomo’s virtue signaling about “integrity” is rich, though, given Cuomo’s support for the mob that he’s wishing Carlson would bow to. Merely four months ago, an Antifa mob showed up at Carlson’s home and attempted to gain access to Carlson’s house as they doxxed and threatened him and his family. His wife and children were forced to hide out in the pantry.

This was an event that the left actually celebrated. What’s more, Cuomo himself is a known supporter and defender of Antifa. At one point, Cuomo made the argument that Antifa’s violence is okay because it’s violence against the right kind of people.

Indeed, so many on the left defend Antifa in the same vein that it’s hard to understand how they could be outraged about shock jock conversations while they — as Carlson pointed out — write the shocking television shows we watch and intimidate others with threats and acts of violence.


Cowardice is promoting a group of people willing to be violent against those who disagree with you politically in order to intimidate and silence them. This is cowardice on both an intellectual and moral level. Cuomo’s support for the very group that threatened Carlson immediately removes Cuomo from any position to talk about “integrity,” “character,” and “virtue.”



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