Don't be Too Impressed With "Captain Marvel's" Opening Weekend Numbers

Oh boy...

In all the controversy and flame waring going on around Marvel’s latest outing, Captain Marvel has brought in a decent amount of cash on opening weekend. Needless to say, those who were supportive of the film and its message from the get-go are parading it around to those the supposed army of “trolls” that have been badmouthing the film.


The trouble is that when you measure it up to other films and introduce other factors as to why it’s done what it is monetarily, that impressiveness tends to disappear.

As the Daily Wire pointed out, Disney/Marvel’s wokest Avenger brought in $153 million. A pretty penny to be sure, but not the best Marvel has done by far. It’s not even in the top five.

To give you some perspective, the MCU’s highest grossing film is Avengers: Infinity War which raked in a mighty $257.7 on opening weekend. In second is the original Avengers movie with $207.4 million.

Captain Marvel places 7th.

The lowest on the MCU list goes to Thor: Ragnarok at $122.7 million, which is surprising given the love fans exhibited toward the film.

But Captain Marvel had some things going for it that Thor: Ragnarok did not. For one, it didn’t have the controversy. Many streamed out to see the movie either to support the film, or go to see if it was every bit as disappointing as they thought it would be. Few things motivate like the desire to prove someone wrong, or prove yourself right. The need for vindication is powerful, especially when you inject politics into the mix.

Secondly, Captain Marvel is the lead up to the Russo brother’s thrilling conclusion to the Infinity War saga. Every film in the MCU has been leading up to Avengers: Endgame, and many fans of the MCU went to see Marvel’s feminist movie strictly to fill in the gaps.


Then there’s the fact that it’s a Marvel movie, and people are going to come out to see it no matter what.

So the movie isn’t doing too bad monetarily, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie is well liked. On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score was an abysmal 31 percent before Rotten Tomatoes intervened and deleted thousands of negative reviews in order to artificially boost the numbers.

That the film is infamous isn’t debatable. It’s well detested, but infamy works as well as fame in terms of bringing in the dollars. The question is, when the dust settles, how will Captain Marvel be remembered? Will the action figures fly off the shelves? Will digital and DVD copies exist in every home? Or will it be a forgettable entry into the MCU that fans will shrug about in the same way they do Thor: The Dark World or Ant-Man and The Wasp?

According to even professional critic reviews, that may very well be the case as the movie is routinely described as a mediocre film with a boring lead.

Time will tell.




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