"Captain Marvel" Brings In Lowest Audience Scores In MCU History

Oh boy...
Oh boy…

The critics may be giving Captain Marvel scores in the low 80’th percentile, but if you ask the audience, it’s the worst movie Marvel has ever produced for the MCU.


According to the website Rotten Tomatoes, the audience is finally weighing in on Captain Marvel now that is has released, and the reviews are abysmal. As of this writing, the audience score is at 35 percent, with over 7,000 reviews in, making this the lowest rated Marvel movie ever made.

Screenshot: Rotten Tomatoes

For comparison, the previously lowest rated Marvel movie was Thor: The Dark World, which was largely considered the worst Marvel film for years, which sits currently at 67 percent.

To be fair, it’s likely that some of the audience went in prepared to hate the movie beforehand thanks to lead actress Brie Larson making this movie political with social justice adherence. Larson made disparaging comments about white men, and made it clear that this movie was a form of feminist activism.

Most of the audience reviews tend to not mention this political muddying of the water, and point to the fact that the movie is a cookie cutter action hero film led by a wooden performance from Larson playing Carol Danvers. Highlights, however, include Samuel L. Jackson’s performance on screen, as well as an alien cat named “Goose.”

Audience scores aside, even the critic reviews aren’t entirely kind to Captain Marvel despite its 81 percent rating. The overall theme from professional critics seems to be that the movie isn’t groundbreaking in any way, and Larson’s acting isn’t going to win her any awards. Were this a Marvel film without any of the politics attached, one has to wonder what the score would be different.


We’ll soon get to see how the movie did monetarily during its opening weekend, and while the film is mired in controversy and bad reviews, many still expect the movie to do well by virtue of the fact that it’s A: a Marvel movie, and B: the movie leading up to the Russo brother’s finale to the Infinity War saga.

Unconfirmed rumors are already abounding that some in the Avengers cast are displeased Larson and the arrival of Captain Marvel’s character into the MCU, as they feel pushed aside. There are also rumors that Disney CEO Bob Iger is also displeased with the inclusion of social justice messaging into the MCU, and that the Russo brothers would rather not have Danvers in the conclusion to Infinity War, preferring to finish out the saga with the original characters.

Larson has signed a contract for seven films as Captain Marvel, but what her presence will look like within the MCU should Captain Marvel bomb is still up in the air.


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