Report: "Avengers" Cast Unhappy With Brie Larson, "Captain Marvel" Has Shaky Future


As the new Disney/Marvel film Captain Marvel continues to be mired in controversy due to lead actress Brie Larson’s social justice driven behavior and the film’s mediocre reviews, rumors are now abounding that the film is facing more trouble behind the scenes.


According to Comic Book News, certain members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have expressed their displeasure at Larson’s Captain Marvel being the new head of the MCU after End Game retires older characters such as Captain America and Iron Man.

One rumor suggested that the current MCU cast is particularly unhappy as Larson’s inclusion is forcing aside other established characters, and are now being treated differently.

The rumor comes from YouTub Movie Reporter and Film Critic “Film Gob,” who claims to have access to inside knowledge through a friend about what’s going on within the MCU. The channel is currently protecting the identity of the source, but suggested that one particularly unhappy Marvel actor is Elizabeth Olson who plays the Scarlett Witch.

Other rumors include Disney CEO Bob Iger also being unhappy with the direction Marvel head Kevin Feige is taking with MCU, as he doesn’t want another Star Wars situation on Disney’s hands. Star Wars head Kathleen Kennedy introduced political themes and social justice into the Star Wars universe, causing fans to abandon it en masse to the point where Solo: A Star Wars Story failed miserably in the box office.

Iger previously made a sarcastic comment on Twitter about creating cruises, 50 attractions, hotels, and parades around Captain Marvel. Shortly after, Iger took his Twitter account down, only to reestablish it. As Film Gob points out, Iger could have targeted any of the Marvel characters, but pointed at the Captain Marvel character.


According to Bounding Into Comics, other rumors include the fact that Infinity War and Endgame directors, brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo, didn’t want Captain Marvel participating within the Infinity War saga, as they are allegedly reported to want to finish out the saga with the original characters.

Bounding Into Comics reported that these rumors come from potential leaks that were posted on Reddit by a disgruntled former contractor whose company was let go by Disney during one of Endgame’s many reshoots due to the forced inclusion of Captain Marvel:

An alleged Avengers: Endgame plot spoiler also points to Marvel and Disney’s uneasiness with Captain Marvel. Reddit user ImLeaking states, “The Russo Brothers and McFeely/Markus didn’t want to include Captain Marvel at all on Infinity War and on Endgame. They felt the story deserved to end up with the original characters, but Disney and Marvel Studios desperately wanted to introduce Carol Danvers on Avengers Infinity War. The idea was to later give her own origin movie boosted up by the Avengers.”

ImLeaking adds, “They excluded Captain Marvel from Infinity War but had to include the character on Endgame. Just to shut off this matter, the Captain Marvel rant we are seeing today was expected by Disney. Their social media numbers projected the CM movie to face challenges and they ordered from everyone involved to prepare for two cuts: one with the original CM plan, another cutting down the character’s participation in case Captain Marvel flops.”

They even point to conflicts between Brie Larson and Marvel Studios, “This created huge conflicts between Brie Larson’s agency and specially Marvel Studios. They went as far as to shoot some of the very same Captain Marvel action scenes with Captain America and Black Widow replacing the character in an attempt to keep the inflated budget down.”

They also described Larson’s behavior, “Brie Larson treats everyone well but she’s very contesting and she contested the hell out of this decision, until Marvel Studios was forced to shoot those scenes in different days, which resulted in more spending.”


It should be noted that these rumors and leaks are not confirmed, and that everything being reported here should be taken with a grain of salt. Larson has been contracted for seven films, though it’s not clear what kind of presence she’s going to have within the MCU should Captain Marvel flop. If the rumors are true, then we can expect a reduction in her participation.


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