Get Em! Don Jr. Blows Open Silicon Valley's Deplatforming of the American Right


Silicon Valley is a place filthy with hard leftists, and these leftists comprise the corporations that control our main modes of information distribution today. Needless to say, if you’re on the right, you can expect not to receive fair treatment.


For a long time, corporations did their best to present an illusion that there was no practiced bias within, but between examples and undercover footage, that bias became undeniable, even as people like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were telling Congress that there wasn’t any.

Eventually, Dorsey himself admitted that there was no longer any room for neutrality at Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. is one of the high-profile figures raising the alarm about this, and he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Monday to highlight some of the punishments put on the right for simply interacting with him.

“Do you think, you talked to a lot of Republicans in Washington, do you think they understand the threat of woke capitalism, the alliance between the activist left and big business that is shutting down speech?” Carlson asked.

“I have a platform to actually do something about it. There are guys, Kevin McCarthy has been pretty vocal about it, but the reality is that nothing has changed,” Trump Jr. answered. “I put up an Instagram post two weeks ago about the Smollett thing because I had the gall to be a little bit cynical about the entire ridiculous situation that was laid out and Instagram just deleted it.”

Trump noted that he made a post about Smollett last week, which Instagram took down. Upon using his platform to call them out, Instagram said they did so “in error.” Trump says as he called them out, he was bombarded with messages from Americans that have been treated this way, but dont’ have the platform he does.


“I sort of responded in my normal fashion rather aggressively, saying, ‘What’s wrong with this here? Is the problem yada yada?’ and I got inundated, Tucker,” said Trump. “Hundreds of people sending me DMs: ‘Don, my account was shut down because I tried liking one of your tweets, or I tried liking one of your father’s Instagram posts that was like him and his grandchildren, nothing even controversial, and time and time again, I’ve had to follow you, Don, three times in the last week because they keep on unfollowing you.”

“So free speech doesn’t mean anything if people can’t hear you speak. And this alliance between the activist Left and big corporations is preventing people from being heard,” Carlson responded. “So it is, in effect, an attack on free speech. The media benefits from our freedom of speech. They are the prime beneficiaries of the First Amendment and yet, they don’t even cover it and places like CNN actually encourage companies to the de-platform voices they don’t think should be heard.”

“Again, I think the majority of the press are now left-wing activists. They are on the side of that. They are not on the side that is being stymied, they are not on the side that is being oppressed,” Trump Jr. added. “Guys like me, again, I can do this because I have a big platform, I have a big soap box, I can get it out there but some of the little guys, they can’t, they don’t have that ability.”


It’s interesting that as we march into 2020, Silicon Valley companies seem to be ramping up the suspensions and bans. The deplatforming of the American right is highly beneficial to the left, whose messages only survive in a vacuum, and tend to whither in an information exchange.

Recently, former Nigel Farage aid Raheem Kassam was also suspended from Facebook, but Facebook would not provide a specific reason why.

Trump also weighed in on this, jokingly foretelling that they’ll tell him they did it in error, and noting it’s funny how all these accidents happen in one direction.


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