Ellen Page Needs Stop Feeling Sorry for Herself and Take a Long Look In the Mirror

In this image released by Lionsgate, Ellen Page appears in a scene from "Freeheld." (Phil Caruso/Lionsgate via AP)

Hollywood actress Ellen Page has been increasingly vocal within the media about the evils of the right has brought upon America ever since the election of Donald Trump and worse, his VP Mike Pence.


In fact, Page openly wept on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show when they discussed the attack of Empire actor Jussie Smollett, and how horrible the hatred of that dreaded “other” has become ever since those dastardly Republicans took power. Like her televised tears, however, Smollett’s story seemed fake, and hardly anyone was surprised when it turned out to be the case.

Everyone was surprised except the Hollywood and the media, who once again bore an entire all-you-can-eat egg breakfast on their faces just as they were still trying to wipe off the Covington Catholic mess as well.

Undaunted, however, Page attempted to figuratively save some of her egg covered face by redirecting the attention back onto the people she swears up and down are the TRUE villains in this story, the religious right.

Writing an op-ed in The Hollywood Reporter, Page acknowledged that Smollett lied, but noted that Smollett’s story is still a reality. She begins by telling the story of a lesbian couple who was harassed, groped, and assaulted while attending a Seahawks game by a man. The man was tackled to the ground by other fans.

Police arrived and also struggled with the man, identified as Jay Dee Harp III, who fought them back as well, even going so far as to punch one of the officers in the stomach. Eventually, they were forced to taze him and found that he was heavily under the influence of alcohol. That information I got from the Seattle Times. Why Page didn’t include officers coming to blows with Harp, or that the man was drunk, I’m not sure. It doesn’t make what he did any better, but at least it offers some more context.


Page then proceeds to tell us that she’s met with people from the LGBT community all over the world, and has been told stories of hate crimes done upon them, then says she’s attempting to use her “privilege” and status as a platform to make the world aware of their pain.

In the midst of telling you all of this, she tells you not to question them or her about any of this:

I ask you not to question our pain, not to draw into question our trauma, but to maintain, wholeheartedly, that hate violence exists. The merits of one case should not and cannot call that into question. The media coverage does not convey the reality and totality of the cruelty and danger we face. This is the story that must be told.

Page then goes on to give us stats — that I won’t bore you with here — about suicide rates among the transgender community, and how hate crimes have been on the rise. All of this, she says, comes from “rhetoric we read and the hate speech we hear” from “our politicians, our media and entertainment, our neighbors and families and our religious leaders.”

She ends by stating that we need to “have to work together to end the normalization of anti LGBTQ+ sentiment and rhetoric.”

Some quick facts before we continue. Hate crimes are actually on a ten-year decline, and are, in fact, incredibly rare. In truth, many of the “hate crimes” reported involve things as simple as stealing an LGBT flag off a poll, or just someone saying something mean to them.


It should also be noted that the suicide rate among transgendered individuals is so high is due to the fact that transgenderism is a mental disorder. Many people have been far more oppressed and marginalized than the trans community, and none of these races or religions came close to the same suicide rate as the trans community does. Also, suicide rates skyrocket by 19 times when transition surgeries are performed.

One doctor reported that he had a tidal wave of trans individuals who had the surgery come to him to request they be restored back to their original bodies. This triggered one scientist to want to study the phenomenon, but was denied by Universities to study it because they feared the LGBT mob.

With that out of the way, I want to make it clear that I hope people like Jay Dee Harp III who actually do commit these crimes are prosecuted. Nobody should be attacked verbally or physically, no matter what group they belong to.

But in that, I make my point. Members of every group are verbally or physically attacked for some reason. White kids in MAGA hats get attacked, and there are a handful of recent stories about that, one of which made national headlines because the very media was so willing to attack the kids. In fact, if you want a solid way to see someone assaulted, don’t grab the hand of a same-sex person, put on a red MAGA hat and walk around in public. Don’t worry, they’ll find you eventually.

And don’t let it slip past you that it was MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters that were targeted in the fake Smollett story Page was too ready to get weepy over.


People are attacked for having white skin, black skin, and brown skin. They’re yelled at because they’re Christian, Islamic, gay, straight, man or woman. Everybody faces some kind of prejudice from somebody out there, but we should be thankful that these idiots are rarer than they are numerous. Even in the story Page presented, it was one man who was doing the assaulting. She doesn’t seem to give much credence that it was an entire group of people, both with badges and without, that physically took him down.

Page doesn’t seem to be concerned about anyone else, however. As far as I can tell from her behavior, she sees the LGBT community, she sees herself and partner as she weeps openly on television, and she sees an avenue by which to attack her political opposition.

By her telling the hate only seems to come from one direction. She seems more concerned about getting hits on people she disagrees with ideologically than the fact that hate crimes are a thing. If she did care, she’s not showing much concern over people who don’t fall within the social justice sphere of protection.

To be honest, Page’s blustering seems to be more about her than anything else. Her causes, her politics, her image, and her spotlight. Page acts more like a woman with an ax to grind than a concerned citizen. She has a well-crafted narrative that she even OPENLY asks you not to question.

If I could figuratively try to pry Page’s eyes open for a second, I’d like to try to show her that the person with the most hate in the room is Page. She’s the one demonstrating more prejudice than anyone, even going so far as to attack Chris Pratt for attending a church she claims is anti-LGBT when she’s actually quite wrong on that regard.


Page is the kind of person Page purportedly hates. Page is the one spreading hate and tossing around rhetoric that divides us. Page, and people like her, are the one pushing this toxicity.

If she truly believes what she wrote in her last paragraph about “no child, no teenager, no adult” deserving to be victimized, then she needs to stop creating enemies, and truly start trying to bridge gaps.

But I won’t hold my breath.


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