WATCH: Tucker Carlson Explodes on Guest, "Go F*** Yourself!"

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson has had a lot of wacky radicals on his show, and does so to highlight how absurd the left’s thinking can be. Usually, Carlson handles their ridiculousness with lightheartedness, but one guest began to attack him personally, making Carlson leave aside his good humor and unleash the beast.


Tucker had on Dutch economics writer Rutger Bregman to his show in order to have him speak about his time in Davos. Bregman went on to insinuate that Fox News and Carlson twist the news to make the public think that few people want higher taxes, when in fact they do, including Fox News viewers and Republicans.

He then accused Carlson of taking “dirty money” and obeying orders from billionaires not to talk about the need and desire for higher taxes.

After a time, Carlson became agitated and lashed out at Bregman.

“Why don’t you go f*ck yourself you tiny brain – and I hope this gets picked up – because you’re a moron. I tried to give you a hearing, but you were too f*cking annoying.”

The segment was cut, with Tucker Carlson Tonight producers citing the interview devolved into nonsense not worth the viewers time, however, Bregman just so happened to be recording the interview and released it to the leftist quick-news video company “Now This.”


Carlson later apologized for the profanity, but stuck by his comments, calling them “genuinely heartfelt.”


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