Why the Mainstream Press Is Accusing "Trolls" of Review Bombing "Captain Marvel" When They Aren't

If you’ve been keeping up with the wokening of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the new social justice laden Captain Marvel, then you’ll know that many of the fans aren’t too happy and have resolved not to see the movie.


This is due in no small part to the fact that the film’s lead, Brie Larson, has essentially made the movie more about identity politics than good storytelling, even going so far as kicking out white, male reporters from the press pool covering her movie. Many have surmised that Captain Marvel is more of a social propaganda film, not another exciting entry into the MCU.

Fans have every reason to believe this, as every franchise that has embraced this kind of politics has failed miserably, with Star Wars and Ghostbusters being two that have suffered greatly as a result of their embrace of the social justice message.

As a result, fans aren’t too keen on wasting the cash to see Captain Marvel when it releases on March 8, and have gone to Rotten Tomatoes in order to make this very clear.

This happens at Rotten Tomatoes via a poll that allows moviegoers to say whether or not they wish to go see the film, then describe why or why not. While there are mixed reviews for the movie, many users have stated that they will not be seeing the film, explaining that Larson’s tieing of identity politics with the film has made it unappealing.

Keep in mind, these aren’t reviews. This is people using the Rotten Tomatoes site as intended. They’re explaining why they don’t want to see it, not giving the film a review. That can’t happen until the movie opens.


However, if you were to ask the leftist media, those no-good trolls are trying to wreck the movie by review bombing it in the name of misogyny.

Comicbook.com was one of the first, accusing the commenters of just not wanting a female lead, saying “most have an unsettling common theme: anger about Captain Marvel being centered around a female hero,” and accused “fans” of trying to “sabotage the film.”

This was the pattern followed by other sites, such as CBR, The Mary Sue, ScreenRantCNet, and more.

Why carry this narrative? It’s simple. There is a media narrative invested in Captain Marvel’s success, and as the feeling around the film began to sour due to Larson’s sour attitudes, new life needed to be injected into it.

Larson made it clear that only certain people were going to be able to review her movie, and as such she’s going to get a lot of people more interested in her political messaging than the acting, storytelling, and more.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, early reviews have already declared this movie a hit, with reviews focused on Larson’s womanhood. Take for instance this review from Den Of Geeks editor and rabid SJW Kayti Burt…


…or Sabina Graves of ComingSoon.net


Simultaneously, Disney is upping its earning projections despite the projections previously falling a massive $80 million.

The quality of, and excitement for, the movie appears artificial for anyone paying close attention.

If Captain Marvel succeeds, then it will be proof positive that social justice propaganda can succeed in the mainstream and that the “fans” can kick rocks. Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and more will be vindicated as movies that didn’t succeed just because the world is as misogynistic as they’ve been claiming it is all along, and therefore, suggest the need to make more films just like this one until the Overton window has shifted fully.

Perhaps Captain Marvel will be a solid movie AND pro-woman just like Max Max: Fury Road. Perhaps it will be another Star Wars: The Last Jedi where it was filled with ridiculous messaging more than good storytelling.


We’ll know on March 8, but my predictions are that it’s going to be mediocre at best, and not because of it having a woman lead. There are plenty of movies with female leads that I adore. My educated guess is that if the movie is being artificially pumped up like it seems to be, then they don’t have a lot of faith in it themselves.

Rigging the pool of journalists covering it and upping revenue expectations after massive drops leads me to believe that they’re going to try for a successful opening, get all the money they can as quickly as they can, then blame subsequent drop-off and bad audience reviews on misogyny and sexist trolls.



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