Here's Sad Proof That the Concept of Humor Has Vacated the Left

Comedy has been shown the door in leftist circles as people who take themselves too seriously cannot tolerate the idea of having a deconstructing force like humor roaming freely among them. God forbid their more ridiculous ideas be satirized and exposed as laughable.


It’s precisely satirization that the left decided to target on Wednesday.

The Babylon Bee, a successful satire news site that leans more to the right, made fun of CNN by writing a story about Jussie Smollett being given a job there after coming up with a story out of thin air.

Apparently, not understanding what humor is, the left went into fact-check mode and made sure everyone understood that the Babylon Bee’s claim was false, though it did remind readers that the Bee wasn’t a real website.

Not kidding. pounced on the satire piece and made it clear that CNN did not hire Smollett, claiming that people were believing the story to be true:

On 18 February 2019, the Babylon Bee website added their own fictional twist to this story when they published an article reporting that Smollett had been offered a job at the CNN.

The network, according to the Babylon Bee, was reportedly impressed with Smollett’s ability to fabricate a story out of thin air.


If someone took it seriously, then that’s part of the fun, but it’s fascinating that Snopes took the step to actually dedicate pixels to telling everyone that a joke site made a joke.

As of this writing, Snopes is being ratio’d on Twitter over the article.


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