WATCH: Crowder Prank Calls Virginia's Black Business Owners About Northam and Things Get Hilarious

Screenshot: YouTube

Conservative comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder is known for going above and beyond to make sure you get the best take on a subject you can get. From pretending to be leftist protestors to Antifa members, Crowder and his gang have done everything from exposing the worst parts of the radical left to showing you how ridiculous they can be through comedy.


Recently, Crowder decided to figure out how the black community in Virginia was taking the surfacing of a racist photo of Governor Ralph Northam during medical school in which he was found to have dressed in KKK robes OR covered himself in “blackface.” We’re not quite sure which one yet.

Since it’s likely you’re not going to get a good read on how the black community feels from the mainstream media, Crowder has taken it upon himself to call and ask black businesses within the state how they feel about the photograph while posing as a friendly, pro-social justice advocacy group.

Crowder had some luck, with people answering a few questions before they got a little too nervous to give out answers. One man in particular abruptly hung up after telling Crowder the manager of the location wasn’t available.

Since he wasn’t getting far enough with his pleasantly white SJW character, Crowder decided to change up tactics, ditched politically correctness, and that’s when things got hilarious.


Crowder pretended to be a black man himself and proceeded to dial up the NAACP, as well as continue to try his hand at the business that wouldn’t give him the time of day as a white man for answers. What resulted was a hilarious Crowder Confronts moment over the phone.

One thing we did pull away with from this entire episode is that the black community isn’t at all pleased with Northam’s photograph.


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