WATCH: Handmaid's Tale Trailer Took a Swipe at Ronald Reagan and Christianity

Screenshot: YouTube

Hulu’s hit series, The Handmaid’s Tale, has always been a television series that was seen as a shot straight at the heart of the religious right with the show pretty much being a way for feminists to safely view what it would be like if everything they claimed was true about the right-leaning Christians were correct.


The people who make the Handmaid’s Tale know their feminist audience as well — as they are them — and want nothing more than to scratch that itchy part of their fans that feels the need to knee-jerk themselves into a red cloak and white hood every time Mike Pence so much as sneezes.

Not only do they want to appease their fan base, but the creators also wanted to make it a bit sweeter by slapping Christians and right-leaning people across the face in a very public way.

And what better way than the Super Bowl?

As such, the Handmaid’s Tale creators aired the trailer for their third season during the game. The trailer itself mocked former President Ronald Reagan’s famous “It’s Morning In America” campaign ad from 1984.

The Handmaid’s Tale trailer mocks Reagan’s ad in tone, music, and even near verbatim wording, only focusing solely on women going to work and giving birth in a creepy, religion-based dreamscape. The ad then interrupts with doors opening to fire, followed by a more ominous tone.

“Wake up, America. Morning’s over,” says a female narrator.

This is followed by rows of women in red cloaks and white hoods standing in orderly rows around the reflecting pool, with the Washington Monument (now turned into a cross) looming in the background.


The social justice left has gone gaga over the ad, with outlets like The Verge calling it a “sharp take on the criticism of America’s religious right.”

The AV Club upped the ante by declaring the weird overly happy religious beginning of the ad as a “nightmarish, far-too-believable version of America.”

The commercial and its fans are a solid look at how silly the social justice belief is that this country is a horrible theocracy that will turn to oppress and enslave women at any given moment. More importantly, however, it shows their bigotry.



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