Former Buzzfeed "Journalist" Threatens to Fight You In Real Life, Warns that He's Tall and Shaves His Head

No really. He said that.

Recently laid-off Buzzfeed writer John R. Stanton has had enough of your nonsense, and offers you to come make fun of his to his face. Be warned, though, Stanton wants you to know that he’s 6’7 ft. tall and he shaves his head.


“As for the racist, sexist, antisemitic sh*t birds sending this sh*t to my colleagues and friends: come say it to my fuc**ng face,” tweeted Stanton. “I’m the 6’ 7 shaved headed dude who’s ready to beat you back to moms basement and prove your daddy right about your weak ass.”

The message was highlighted by a photoshopped picture of Tucker Carlson wearing a mask over his face and a picture of people hanging from a poll with “Day of the Rope” displayed in the corner. Admittedly, a nasty thing to send to anyone at any time who just went through something hard like a layoff.

Stanton, however, seems to have forgotten that this is the internet, and when you’re high profile like that then you’re gonna get some trolls. The best thing to do is not feed them, but Stanton decided to take a nice big shovel of outrage and deposited it straight into their waiting troughs. What’s more, offering to fight them for being mean to he and his colleagues is like serving up their favorite treat. He even did them the favor of spreading their own image for them.


Of course, it’s hard to take Stanton’s internet tough guy/white knight act seriously when he was just on Twitter helping in the attack against the now proven innocent Covington Catholic kids, whom he called “racist” and “sh**ty.”

“Sending a bunch of racist shitty catholic kids to the rez to learn and be saved from their racist ways is not a good solution to the shitty racist kids thing,” tweeted Stanton. “Indian Country has dealt with enough bullshit from racist Catholics looking for salvation.”

What a hero…and without a drop of toxic masculinity running in his veins no less.

Stanton sure is a tough, no-nonsense guy who is willing to heroically threaten you with violence and attack innocent kids, all in the name of what’s right and proper in this world.

Journalism, 2019.

(h/t: Reddit)


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