Democrats Are Voicing Really Stupid Opinions About the US Helping Venezuela Rid Itself Of a Dictator

You’d think watching a dictator lose control of his country will be something to cheer on and perhaps grease the wheels for, but Democrats seem to be a bit outraged at the way the United States is participating in Venezuela’s current shedding of former Presidentas so recognized by President Donald Trump — Nicholas Maduro, and embracing his replacement.


It started with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) who had America banging down her door to get a statement on the current crisis being faced by “democratic socialist” Maduro, seeing as how her favored economic system was getting the oust along with its practicing leader. Being Ocasio-Cortez she responded by completely disregarding the socialist aspect of the story, calling the humanitarian crisis “concerning,” but then threw up Trump’s “non-Democratic” means of selecting a new leader of a foreign country concerning as a way of redirecting attention.

The only problem is that Trump isn’t selecting leaders, and is only following exactly the will of the Venezuelan National Assembly, which voted for and swore in Juan Guaido as interim. The National Assembly is a Democratic body and Maduro is a dictator. Ocasio-Cortez decided to defend the latter, thus blowing her concerns about democracy out of the window.

But then other Democratic politicians soon followed.

Rep. Ilhan Omar followed the same line of thinking as Ocasio-Cortez in a tweet that accused America of picking Venezuela’s new leader on behalf of corporate interests.


“We cannot hand pick leaders for other countries on behalf of multinational corporate interests. The legislature cannot seize power from the President, and Venezuela’s Supreme Court has declared their actions unconstitutional,” tweeted Omar.

Omar is incredibly wrong about what Venezuela’s Supreme Court does and does not approve. The actual Supreme Court elected by the National Assembly are fugitives from Maduro who threatened to have them arrested when they stood between him and rewriting the Venezuelan constitution, which he arbitrarily gave himself the power to do. The Venezuelan Supreme Court holds sessions via webcam and is currently helping to guide the events of the transition with Guaido as the new leader.

Again, foreign leaders are only supporting what the legitimate Venezuelan government has decided. There is no multinational conglomerate conspiracy, and the United States isn’t selecting the leader arbitrarily.


This apparently needs to be told to Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard as well.

The question now is, why are the Democrats so resistant to the idea of Maduro being deposed. This is the man who has starved his people, deprived them of basic rights, and has ridden roughshod over the Venezuelan constitution.

It seems the democratic socialists aren’t too keen on watching one of their own fail so spectacularly.



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