Supreme Court Allows Trump Administration to Restrict Transgender Service in Military While Lawsuits Are Ongoing

The Supreme Court is going to allow the Trump administration to go through with its plan to restrict transgendered individuals from serving in the military despite some ongoing lawsuits in the lower courts.


According to Politico, the Supreme Court will not hear any of the cases being brought up surrounding the transgender military service restriction, allowing lower courts to deal with the issue.

This decision reverses a decision by the Obama administration to allow transgendered individuals to serve, which had been a reversal of decisions prior to this administration to ban trans people from the military. President Donald Trump, however, has limited access to the military by trans individuals to those who do not seek transition surgeries.

While a highly controversial issue, the decision by the Trump administration isn’t unwarranted. As I explained in a video, transgenderism is a mental disorder despite its celebration by mainstream culture. It’s important to remember that that gender dysphoria carries with it a strikingly high suicide rate of 41 percent, that only increases by around 20 percent as the individual seeks to transition over to the opposite sex.


It’s difficult for healthy and mentally fit men to serve in the military enough as it is, and the mental stresses it would put on an already troubled mind would cause more problems than “inclusivity” would solve.

To say that this is a decision based on bigotry would be a baseless assumption. The military isn’t a safe space, nor is it the proper ground for social experimentation. You won’t find the answers to your gender identity problems there.


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