HILARIOUS: Tom Brokaw Tells MSNBC Panel Democrats Share Blame for Shutdown, and Their Faces Are Priceless

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Nothing is funnier than watching a panel of leftists having their biases denounced, and MSNBC is always up for providing the best in entertainment when it comes to disappointed Democrats.


Tom Brokaw, an old school Democrat, sat in on a panel of leftists during MSNBC’s Morning Joe where they were discussing the shutdown. When it was Brokaw’s turn to add his two cents, he dropped some inconvenient truths on the panel, noting that the shutdown isn’t all under the ownership of the Republican party:

“It’s a very troubling time. I think the Democrats are as much to blame right now as the Republicans are. They’ve got control of the House but they’re mostly just, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not going to do what you want to do. I haven’t seen a grand plan. You’ve got the young people running through the halls, who are the new members of Congress, who are conducting pep rallies every day, instead of getting together with the more moderate people, or the people from the Midwest who have won in Ohio, and Wisconsin and Minnesota where they need to win again if they’re going to get the control, but they’re driven hard by the left.”


In the middle of his spiel, the camera cuts to two other members of the panel who both looked like they attempting to project some sort of harmful psychic waves toward him as hard as they could.

While Brokaw’s opinion seemed very measured and realistic, the MSNBC panel clearly wasn’t amused by Brokaw’s middle of the road take.

Watch for yourself.


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