Twitter Seems to See No Problem With All the Violent Threats Being Lobbed at MAGA Hat Wearing Catholic Kids

The media really screwed the proverbial pooch over the weekend as it attempted to hoist the MAGA hat wearing teens of the Covington Catholic School into the spotlight where they would be the smoking gun to the left’s claim that Trump supporters are alt-right villains and racism is thriving on the right.


Only it didn’t work out that way, and the story that was too good to be true was just that. In truth, the Catholic teens were the innocent party, and multiple videos showed the true bad guys in the story was the Native American activist who attempted to start something by banging a drum in the face of one of the kids, and the Black Hebrew group hurling vile, racist things at the kids.

While the story was thriving with the leftist narrative, many in the leftist media and their Hollywood counterparts took to Twitter to Doxx, threaten, and insult the teens. Now that the truth has come out, many quickly moved to delete them.

The internet is forever, though.

However, some are not moving to delete the violent things they suggested happen to the kids.

For one, a Los Angeles based DJ suggested the kid’s school be burned down with the kids locked inside.

This was later followed by a tweet that encouraged the kids be “fired on” by bystanders on sight. He later claimed that “fired on” means punched, and then proceeded to call gun owners “pussies.”


According to Twitter, however, they can’t seem to find anything wrong with burning children alive or punching kids. After all, they ARE guilty of wrong-think. One user posted Twitter’s response to him when he reported the DJ for abusing their terms of service, which specifically addresses threatening people or promoting violence against people.

This no-name DJ, however, isn’t the only one threatening the children. Producer Jack Morrissey, who recently worked with Disney to make the Beauty and the Beast remake suggested throwing the MAGA hat wearing kids in a woodchipper, hats first, while they scream. We don’t know if Twitter took any action against Morrissey, or if he deleted the tweet on his own, because he’s since protected his tweets.


What is still available for viewing on Twitter is Kathy Griffin’s call for the kids to be doxxed.

Once again, Twitter seems to be selective about what it does and doesn’t deem to be a violation of its policies. Not so strangely, they all seem to revolve around what side of the ideological spectrum you’re on.


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