Ted Lieu Attempts to Virtue Signal About How Christians Should Act, Dana Loesch DESTROYS Him

Hard left Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif) apparently thinks he’s a better Catholic than the MAGA hat wearing teens who have recently come under fire for, frankly, wearing MAGA hats and being on the opposite side of the media.


Nevermind that the Native American activist that got in their faces deliberately sought them out to start a fight and generate headlines, and definitely nevermind the hate group that was taunting the kids while shouting racist things at them nearby. No, the true villains are the kids with conservative ideals and a Christian faith.

Oh, and they were at the March for Life, which of course makes them Hitlerian.

Lieu apparently had some Christian pointers for the kids, seeing as how he’s a much better one than them and isn’t at all like the Pharisees who openly praised themselves for their humbleness and faith.

Dear Covington Catholic: I went to a Catholic high school and am a follower of Christ. Jesus taught us to act in the exact opposite manner of how your students behaved.

“I will pray for your students and hope that as they mature, their hate can turn into love,” tweeted Lieu.


Of course, then the truth came out that the kids were remarkably innocent of the hate Lieu and others accused them of, but Lieu never walked his comments back.

So radio show host Dana Loesch decided to defend the kids and correct Lieu’s assertion that he is any kind of moral example.

“Nick Sandmann demonstrated more restraint and grace in all of that video footage than you have ever demonstrated as a public official,” tweeted Loesch. “Tell me, oh follower of Christ, where Jesus stands on abortion.”

Lieu attempted to put up a defense by completely avoiding the question and focusing on the fact that Loesch works for the NRA.

“I didn’t realize the NRA is now an anti-choice organization,” said Lieu, attempting to hit Loesch with pro-abortion terminology. “Are you trying to be a two-issue organization because NRA is losing money?”

Apparently, people aren’t allowed to have personal opinions outside of the place they’re employed by, but Loesch called him out on dodging her question, repeated it, and demanded Lieu apologize to the kids for his tweet to boot.


“Nice deflection, but I’ve been a radio host for 11 years,” Loesch responded. “You owe Nick Sandmann an apology and an explanation as to how a follower of Christ supports abortion. Still waiting.”

Lieu has yet to respond and I’m not holding my breath waiting for him to do so.

At this time, leftist celebrities and journalists are deleting their more vile tweets about the MAGA hat wearing teens, however, Lieu seems to be keeping his virtue signaling contribution to the conversation up for everyone to see.

This seems to be par for the course for Lieu who once admitted to putting out misleading information about things, specifically guns, if it helps him push his agenda.



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