Buzzfeed and the Left Have to Decide Whether the Cohen Story Is True, or their Beloved Mueller Investigation Is Lying

Buzzfeed has so much egg on its face that it’ll be wiping it off for months, yet that’s not going to stop the listicle generating “news” outlet to declare that its recent story about Donald Trump ordering former lawyer Michel Cohen to lie to Congress to be 100 percent true despite Mueller denouncing such the charge.


For those not caught up, Buzzfeed dropped a “bombshell” report that cited two “sources” who claimed to see proof from the Mueller investigation that Trump ordered Cohen to lie to Congress about his dealings with Moscow for a Trump tower project in Russia. The Buzzfeed report caught the world’s attention and then started to crumble pretty much immediately, with CNN of all places asking Buzzfeed reporter Anthony Cormier if he’d actually seen the reports, and assure us the sources were legitimate despite the report’s co-author being a proven liar when it comes to sources.

Cormier’s responded that he hadn’t seen the reports himself, and to ignore the fraud at his side because he can vouch for his sources.

Then Robert Mueller’s team disputed the report’s accuracy, causing Buzzfeed to go into complete denial mode.

Heidi Blake of Buzzfeed’s investigative department tweeted out that they are standing behind their story no matter what, complimenting her own outfit with “true grit.”

“True grit. We’re standing by our story that Trump directed his longtime personal lawyer to lie to Congress about a Moscow real estate deal, and the law enforcement sources who informed it. We won’t stop reporting till the public has the whole truth,” tweeted Blake.


Buzzfeed can stick by its story if it so chooses, but in doing so it and the left have to come to an understanding about what they believe.

Either their smoking gun is an actual 45 caliber weapon aimed straight at the Trump administration’s own foot, or Robert Mueller’s special council are a group of deceitful liars.

For so long, the Mueller investigation was the left’s golden ticket to a brighter, Trump-free future, but in its desperation to free itself from shame, it seems Buzzfeed and members of the left are willing to denounce Mueller and call him a liar. If Buzzfeed is going to call him a liar, then the rest of the left has to make up their minds on Buzzfeed.

Is Buzzfeed a heroic publication with legitimate sourcing and courageous reporters, or is it a joke of an organization that should stick to making listicles about the top 10 faces your cat makes when you’re Trump derangement syndrome is making you hyperventilate. The former must force the left to say Mueller is a liar who is possibly working with Trump and maybe even Russia if they want some extra icing on their BS cake. The latter would toss Buzzfeed to the dogs.


As it stands, Buzzfeed is showing all the hallmarks of releasing a false claim and selling it as a story.

Buzzfeed would be wise to denounce the report and apologize. They would be bruised but if they continue to release anti-Trump things, they’ll be forgiven pretty quickly. However, they seem to be sticking by their guns.

So the left has some decisions to make now.




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