MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Claims "There Isn't a Strain of Racism On the Left," So Perhaps She Can Explain The Following Examples

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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace seems to believe that there is no racism on the left according to a moment during on her show Tuesday during a conversation with Rick Stengel and Elise Jordan.


The three were speaking about Rep. Steve King’s comments about how white supremacy had become a bad word, which many of the leftist talking heads took as their “Ah ha!” moment and began pointing at the Republican party as the racist party with gusto.

“When did saying white nationalism or white supremacy become a bad word? I mean, the problem is there are voters who are thinking that, too, like, what is wrong with that? And that’s the problem with the Republican Party,” said Stengal. “That those people have nowhere else to go and they have a president who seems to endorse those views which are un-American.”

“And it has been particularly empowered under Donald Trump. You were working for President Bush when Trent Lott made his statement that Strom Thurmond, how much better off would we have been if he had become president, and George W. Bush said this is unacceptable, no, and he resigned,” added Jordan.

It was then that Wallace chimed in with the idea that there is no racism on the left and that’s why racists flock to the Republican party.

“Part of the problem is we think — this does not have a parallel on the left. There just — it doesn’t. There isn’t. There isn’t a strain of racism on the left. I don’t — so I think that this gets brushed under the rug. People sort of tolerate — it’s been normalized,” Wallace responded. “Like you just said, they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they attach to the Republican Party. The Republican Party doesn’t have to let them. How — how do — how do Republicans sort of get back to doing something decent?”


Wallace is deeply mistaken here. The Republican party can say with full confidence that we reject racists who attempt to glob themselves onto the party, and this also includes President Donald Trump, though that narrative will never sink below the waves so long as he’s in power. They didn’t let it for George W. Bush, who the left is now cool with, while he was in power, but that’s the sad state of politics.

The Democrats, however, cannot claim that they reject racists.

I’ll gloss over the fact that they celebrated Congressman Robert Byrd, an avowed member of the KKK and a Grand Dragon within their ranks, no less, and head straight into modern-day examples.

The first, and most glaring one being the left’s embrace of hate preacher Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam church. This is the same Farrakhan who called Hitler a great man, and recently compared Jewish people to Termites.

Yet this hasn’t stopped Democrats from embracing him as a something of an icon. Recently Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) embraced him lovingly in her office, and has been spoken of highly by Farrakhan in the past.

Farrakhan is also a hero of the Women’s March leadership, and Tamika Mallory refuses to flat out condemn Farrakhan’s antisemitic remarks.

Speaking of the Women’s March leadership, activist Linda Sarsour can’t seem to take a breath without unleashing some sort of hate toward Jewish people. Just last November, she was on record blaming the “Jewish media” for the flagging support of Democrats.


Last October, CNN’s Don Lemon labeled “white men” as “the biggest terror threat in this country,” adding “we have to start doing something about them.”

“Comedian” Kristina Wong created a kid’s show on YouTube teaching kids racism and sexism, where one girl is prompted to say “there’s just something about white people that just makes me be like…” at which point the girl makes an odd face.

The list could go on for days, but the point is clear. Racism exists in spades on the left, it would just appear that many on the left don’t consider racism to be racism if its directed at certain groups, namely Jewish and white people.

And while that racism is blatant, the left practice a low-key form of racism as well. A recent study found that members of the left tend to dumb down their speech when speaking to minorities.

While elements of racism exist on both sides, it is clearly more pronounced and welcome on the left.



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