Gillette Razors are the Latest Woke Brand to Tackle "Toxic Masculinity"

Screenshot: YouTube

Gillette is far from being the brand that should preach to men about “toxic masculinity” but apparently its marketing department and/or leadership has yet to learn the constantly reoccurring principle of “get woke, go broke.”


A new short film released by the shaving brand dedicates itself to tackling toxic masculinity in a video that relies more on berating men for not living up to the standards of feminists than selling razors.

The ad begins with news clips playing about the #MeToo movement and distributing the phrase “toxic masculinity” before asking “Is this the best a man can get?”

The ad then devolves into our society joking about sexualizing females and bullying using a fake sitcom of men laughing hysterically at a character in the show miming groping a female character. It also features a line of men grilling and watching boys wrestle on a lawn all saying unison “boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be boys, etc etc.”

Also included are moments of an entire mob of boys chasing one boy to represent bullying, as well as a man “mansplaining” to a boardroom after a woman is finished speaking. The narration isn’t any better, commenting that men continue to do this and make the “same old excuses” for their behavior.

Just to make sure you understand that this was made by social justice warriors, a clip from The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian talking about sexual assault and sexual harassment.

This video did not go over well. As of this writing the ad has over 39k dislikes vs only 5 likes on YouTube.


As a man, I can tell you that this video is beyond insulting. Not only does it promote the false idea of toxic masculinity, but it denigrates men as a sex and makes some of their natural impulses such as pursuing a woman seem like a societal problem that needs to stop.

Rest assured, there’s no such thing as “toxic masculinity.” It’s a term invented by feminists to make even the most natural and innocent things men do out to be a negative, such as talking up a girl in the interest of starting a romantic relationship, or even just the natural sexual attraction men have toward women.

I’m going to watch Gillette’s numbers in the coming weeks. If what befell Dick’s Sporting Goods and a myriad of other businesses after they decided to jump on board with political messaging that denigrates their clientele is any indication of what’s going to happen to Gillette, they’re in for a rough ride.


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