Permanently Offended Leftist Blue-Checks Turn On Ellen DeGeneres for Her Defense of Kevin Hart

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For the social justice left, there can be no forgiveness. Once you run afoul of the permanently offended, all that’s left for you is ostracization as you wear your scarlet letter for life.


And God help you if you ever stick up for that person, even if you’re one of the most popular members of the left as Ellen DeGeneres found out recently.

The famous lesbian talk show host was none too pleased about the outrage surrounding comedian Kevin Hart’s comments about not wanting his son to turn out gay that were made years ago. Hart has repeatedly apologized for the comments, which were put back in the spotlight upon it being announced that he was going to host the upcoming Oscars.

The resulting backlash from the identitarians caused Hart to back out of hosting the Oscars, with Hart explaining that he’d rather not make the entire affair about him.

“I have made the choice to step down from hosting this year’s Oscar’s….this is because I do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing talented artists,” Hart tweeted. “I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past.”

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One of the members of the LGBT community that sympathized with Hart, however, was DeGenenerous, who invited Hart on her show where he explained his mentality over canceling his Oscar hosting gig. After talking about how he’s not that man that he used to be, and that he’d rather not take away from the excitement of the actors who worked hard to achieve their award, DeGenerous chimed in.


“I think the night will be about you, and it should be about you,” said DeGenerous. “And you should host the Oscars, and I’m going to talk you into it.”

DeGeneres posted the clip from her show tweeting “I believe in forgiveness. I believe in second chances. And I believe in [Kevin Hart].”

Alls well should end well, here. Hart should host the Oscars with the support of people like DeGenerous and the LGBT community who have now forgiven him for his, frankly, innocuous comments and moved on, allowing everyone to have a good time.

The social justice-obsessed, however, isn’t going to let this go, however, and are now angry with DeGenerous for even being willing to forgive Hart and promote him. True to form, the hard left blue-checks took to Twitter to spew their venom in DeGeneres’s direction.



Imagine being such a miserable person that you’re incapable of brushing an offense off your shoulder, and forgiveness is out of the question. The dark cloud of hate these people must live in has got to be earth-shatteringly horrific, but when you embrace this level of social justice chicanery this is the kind of misery you clothe yourself with.

I’m with DeGeneres in that Hart should host the Oscars. At this point, not hosting it is a cave to these kinds of miserable people, and I’d rather the trend not be humanity caving to the whims of the permanently offended.



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