Ocasio-Cortez Claims Republicans Booed Her While Voting In Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, and Touts the Idea that the Right Is Scared

Freshly minted Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York is the right’s newest favorite target, and for good reason.

What’s more, she knows it, and oftentimes uses the hate she gets as a way to promote and uplift herself. A solid tactic to be sure, but sometimes it goes into try-hard territory.


Ocasio-Cortez claimed Republicans booed her as she was voting for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for Speaker. The moment was caught on video, with a Twitter user claiming Republicans only did so because they are frightened of her. Ocasio-Cortez responded with a tweet herself.

“Over 200 members voted for Nancy Pelosi today, yet the GOP only booed one: me,” tweeted Ocasio-Cortez. “Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me, fellas.”

It’s not entirely clear if Republicans actually did boo her. In fact, if you look, her colleagues around her seem to be laughing as if it were some kind of a joke between them. If it was the Republicans that booed her due to some sort of hatred, then I feel the reaction from her Democratic colleagues would have been one of disgust. It seems that it was more lighthearted than it was nasty.

Right off the bat, Ocasio-Cortez is showing us why people don’t like her.

The self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” has all the bright ideas of a high school student wondering, like, why we can’t just have free stuff like medicine and college for everybody, and like, just not use fossil fuels anymore.


Given, the right does sometimes go overboard and attacks her where she deserves props as my colleague Sarah Quinlan recently highlighted. Rest assured, some are rabidly trying to find a reason to make Ocasio-Cortez look stupid. They need not try so hard.

Regardless, it’s clear pretty much everyone on the right looks at the young Democrat’s politics with revulsion. Ocasio-Cortez would like you to believe this is because the right is “scared” of her, and she wears it as a badge of honor.

In a way, she’s correct, but not as correct as she believes she is.

The right doesn’t like Ocasio-Cortez because her ideas are the kind that has repeatedly failed throughout history, and what’s more, she herself has no idea how to make her pie-in-the-sky ideas work. She doesn’t address them, but she will give you a basketful of platitudes to make her pipe-dreams seem Utopian. Furthermore, many of her positions were given to her by colleagues and professors, as exhibited by her claim about Israel being occupied Palestine. She doesn’t know why she believes that, she just does.

Adding to that is that her high school maturity level of responding to every attack that comes her way only serves to make people laugh at her. It seems, at least for now, that she’ll even make up attacks against her in an attempt to further her own point.


On top of all that, she’s a proven liar who is willing to tell you anything you want to hear in order to achieve power. She’ll tell you she’s just a poor girl from the Bronx, when in fact, she’s a rich kid from one of New York’s wealthier neighborhoods. It highlights her real, number one skill: Pandering.

Republicans aren’t scared of Ocasio-Cortez, they’re scared that her ignorance is going to sway people into voting for policies that have proven to cause starvation, disease, and death on a massive scale.

But mostly, people don’t like Ocasio-Cortez because she’s every corrupt politician we’ve seen throughout history. She’s one more out of the standard mold. The tired archetype of try-hard politician we’ve seen time and again from the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

It’s not fear, it’s experience that has us booing.


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