Fun Fact: California Least Educated State in the Nation According to Census Bureau

That’s right folks. The most woke state in the nation is also the least educated according to data from the Census Bureau.

CNS News reported that the state sports more citizens who never completed the ninth grade than any other state:


In California, according to the Census Bureau’s five-year estimates, the resident population 25 and older was 25,950,818. Of those individuals, 2,510,370—or 9.7 percent–never completed ninth grade.

Another 2,033,160 California residents 25 and older completed the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade—but did not earn a high school diploma. Thus, a total of 4,543,530 California residents 25 and older—or a nation-leading 17.5 percent–have never graduated from high school.

Those 2,510,370 individuals 25 and older in California who never finished 9th grade outnumber the entire populations of 15 other states, according to the Census Bureau’s latest population estimates.

While the right may think they’ve got a solid hit on the left’s most cherished state, they shouldn’t be so quick to laugh. Coming in second is the greatest state in the nation, Texas, with 8.7 percent of Texas residents 25 and older never having completed ninth grade, and only 82.8 percent have graduated from high school.

Texas may have an excuse, however, as interstate migration to Texas is larger than it’s ever been with hundreds of thousands moving here from other states yearly. With more and more people coming to the state for jobs, Texas is likely going to get more uneducated people from other states.


Both California and Texas are the two most populated states in the nation, however, so they’re bound to contain far more people who never completed school.

The survey doesn’t seem to mention whether or not the population with the least amount of education immigrated here or not, but both states are huge hubs for migration from central America. Many of them trying to get into America for a better life for their children. This likely has a large effect on the numbers.





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