Democratic Operatives Spent Thousands Creating Fake Russian Bots for "False Flag" Operation to Influence Election

Every now and again, a conspiracy theory will prove to be true. While most of the time this might be shocking, in the case of Democrats creating “Russian bots” in order to influence the populace’s voting habits, it’s fully believable.


According to the Daily Caller, the New York Times got its hands on a report that showed that Democrat operatives had spent just as much money creating fake Russian bots online as the actual Russians did to create their own bots in 2016. The bots the Democrats created, however, were aimed at promoting former Alabama special election candidate Roy Moore:

Multiple reports detailed the Russian government-backed Internet Research Agency spent up to $100,000 on Facebook advertisements throughout their entire disinformation operation. As The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Wednesday, billionaire-backed Democrats “created more than a thousand Russian-language accounts that followed [Roy] Moore’s Twitter account overnight.”

The group of Democrats behind the “elaborate ‘false flag’ operation,” as described in an internal report obtained by The New York Times, also created fake conservative Facebook accounts for the purpose of convincing voters not to support Republican candidate Roy Moore.

The cost of the effort totaled $100,000 — the identical amount Facebook says the Russian IRA spent during the last presidential election.


In short, Democrats wanted to make it seem like Russia was supporting Moore, while fake conservative accounts were denouncing him in order to make it seem like Moore as even more unelectable than he already was.

Still, outlets like Mother Jones ran with the narrative that the Russians wished for Moore to win. Reporters also mocked Moore’s assertion that Democrats were behind the sudden surge in Russian bots as well.



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