LOL! Hardcore Antifa Activist's Lawyer Thinks Client Should be Treated Like a WWII Veteran

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There’s fighting fascists, and then there’s fighting “fascists.” The activists who comprise the Antifa (Anti-Fascist) groups believe they’re fighting against the former, when really they are the former fighting against the latter.


Antifa isn’t above calling anyone who disagrees with them a “fascist,” and believes wholeheartedly that once they’ve been labeled as such, they can proceed to do anything they want to that person or group, including violence. They’ll advocate for assassinations of leaders they don’t like, are perfectly fine with terrorizing innocent people at their own homes. Just ask Tucker Carlson.

But Antifa, and parts of the media, would like you to believe that they’re the good guys as they don hoods and masks, wave the communist flag, and launch attacks at anyone they decide is an enemy. Then they want to be celebrated for it.

At least that’s what one lawyer is trying to urge the courts to do as they come down on an Antifa activist who has been involved in violence against others according to the Daily Caller.

Yvette Felarca is no stranger to using violence against others and has been doing so under the Antifa banner for some time. In fact, she has been caught on video utilizing violence in the past, and even went on to justify it in interviews, including one with Tucker Carlson.

Now, Felarca has faced charges by the California Highway Patrol for felony assault and the misdemeanor of inciting a riot.

Her defense includes accusing the “fascists” and the police of colluding to form a witch hunt against her, and that the video evidence against her was “unauthenticated.” She also claims that the prosecution is racist and that she’s only on trial because she’s a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump.


If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the Daily Caller reported that Felarca’s attorney is just as capable of saying asinine things too, including comparing Felarca with actual heroes:

The most recent hearing, initially set for December 18, was delayed until January 22 because Felarca’s Michigan-based attorney came down with the flu. The judge’s failure to dismiss the case outright led attorney Mark Reichel — who is representing another client — to claim that she and other activists are being unfairly targeted for political reasons.

The district attorney is “selectively prosecuting people that fought fascists,” Reichel said, adding, “We used to call them heroes in World War II.”

It should go without saying, but comparing Felarca’s rage-fueled and misguided political radicalism to the men who went overseas to drive back Nazism is the height of its power is nothing short of stupid.

Felarca is a violent bigot who utilizes a group’s established lie to justify her hate and violence against others. That the group would even think to compare its lunacy to actual heroes (that they spit on) shows how delusional people can become when they’re that soaked in social justice within a politically charged bubble.


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